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A message from beyond


Mark a nation for destruction,

had not been well back then,

when all was young.

Whose to say, but those of ancient times,

having heard this time once before.

Perhaps of love one may miss what was to come,

though such remorse is unfelt without experience.

So sing praise that we live to serve,

or all else perish too.

                                   From Revols Automatic Writing

                                                       Mason   Aug 19, 2006

The Number of


I once fell in love,
with a door at the end of a hall,
that only opened with a key,
and death provided it all.

I knew beyond the door was bliss,
and knew in my mind
 it was better than this.

I found a thick rope,
 placed it around my neck,
moving towards that door,
I called  hope.

Then carefully I climbed upon,
a chair I moved where I should fall,
while I heard far off a biblical song,
that sang of grace for all who called.

I kicked that chair to right all those wrongs.
I suffered much and was forced to endure,
But when it passed,
 I was standing at that door.

Still I try everyday,
even after an Angel appeared to say

'Each person we give a time to live,
Everyone is always eager, as were you,
to live, to love and to thrive
on this earth we call hope.
and they can not leave ,
until that time arrives'

The Angels left me with these last words
' You must wait now my dear,
and watch your freinds and family,
live life without you and all those tears,
you'll see what could have been
until your number comes,
not yet for many many years'

and now I know what I have done.
Do not do what I did, do not escape or run,
 you'll only become what  people fear
 a ghost reaching out no one wants near,
until your number comes.


I say  'All that you were taught is a lie'


You say you can name each cloud,

Those are not clouds, I'll say it out loud!

They are chemicals from the bilderbergs.

The same causing the immigration surge,

The same who lie about outer space,

no one has ever been to that place,

but why would they lie your asking,

Then why a microchip designed for tracking?

Michael Jackson, Ronald Reagan

back to Kennedy's assassination,

they tried to tell us and present a case,

that history itself had been erased,

Still, you ask 'Why would they lie?"

perhaps you should ask for what purpose would I?

I earn nothing from this tale,

but their 16 billion a year and more,

is what is gained by their sale.

Don't come to me when I speak to you,

defending what you can't see,

does not make it true.,

look to the sky

the least you can do is try

then start asking them that question,



Society Today


I love you son, my arms are stretched
My boy, I love to hug and protect
You walked a rocky road so long,
not feeling that you really belonged.

Perhsaps now you can see,
that all my rules and nagging too,
was not to stop your feeling free,
 but out of love for you from me.
It did not seem to be this way,
I did not want to see you stray.
So that is done now,
forget it all, we have a future that does call. 
It beckons us through,
a great transformation,
changing our spirits to be true,
to God, to society and first and for the most,
to family members we daily host.
This is where it all began,
and love is how this family will stand. 
When others abandoned you,
when you were wrong,
we will always be here,
where you always belonged.


King is a cat old as can be, 
in one eye he can not see.
I shudder to think,
of what I must do,
his body is frail, 
his demeanor is weak.
We know what it is,
that must be done,
it won't be long that he has to live.
this transition that has come,

to alleviate the pain,
nearing one's end is always the same.

Not if or how is this to be?
But when is the answer,
that lingers forth,
since fate has already formed his course.
Oh, hail the king,
whose life we shared,
Oh, Hail the king,
with the tortoise hair.
You must depart now,
for a short while.
You will wait in God's arms,
with our hearts and our love,
until the doors open,
and we step through,
this time for us to accompany you!



The Next Life

When the music plays,
I start to sway, 
and the memories are here to stay.
Well, more just a moment or two,
while I think of you!
The times are past,
never meant to last,
so we reflex a bit,
wondering why with a heavy sigh,
would we want to go back?
Being honest with our self,
I always lost track.
Tears swelter so often,
and something feels sad,
though we laughed sometimes,
other times were bad.
I don't think we should,

just to do the same.
Let us wait for another place,
that we hope will be safe.
Truly the danger we never knew,
that life any second could change its place,
and it did many times,
while we lived and grew.
First I'll weigh the cost,
and maybe then, that next time, 
I won't get lost.




at work

All Poetry is written by Revol Brasier unless otherwise Specified.

Copywrite 2017 Revol Brasier 

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

And the second commandment is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandments greater than these.