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All Poems are written by Revol unless otherwise specified

               Loves Me Not

I'm sad today,

to have to say,

my daughter's lot,

are the ones,

Who loves me not.


We lived together,

for so many years.

She was the one I never feared.

In times of trouble, it was me she sought,

I never thought,

She would love me not.


From baby to child,

It was awhile,

She made it to a young lady,

I thought we were friends,

not pretend,

Even like my sister.

Occasionally we fought,

we always made up,

so I thought,

only to find,

She loves me not.


I ask myself 'where did she come from?'

Did she belong to me,

and to this family?

It is only a shell,

who never passes by,

thats how I can tell,

She must have forgot,

I am her mother,


she loves me not.

And she'll never, ever have another.

Revol Brasier March 2023

Night Scene


YOU ARE.....






If I die tomorrow,

Your heart will feel sorrow,

of yesterday's gone by,

When I spent all my days,

realizing how hard I tried,

But you never saw my side.

And now, surprise!

I'll be gone for good,

leaving behind my motherhood.

You did a lovely job of leaving me behind,

But it's okay,

for what goes around, comes back in time.

When you do arrive,

When we meet again,

If I ask, will you stay?

Or like back then,

Will you push me away?

Now is the time,

to kneel and pray.

I won't have to ask,

If you don't mind,

I'm kneeling beside you,

as is my task,

 Whatever you have done,

As a parent, you will find.

Never, ever will I leave you behind.


                     R.Brasier March 6th, 2022

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