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All Poems are written by Revol unless otherwise specified

If you would like to share your own poetry, send them in and I will post them! You can write about life or conspiracy storms of your own.
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If I die tomorrow,

Your heart will feel sorrow,

of yesterday's gone by,

When I spent all my days,

realizing how hard I tried,

But you never saw my side.

And now, surprise!

I'll be gone for good,

leaving behind my motherhood.

You did a lovely job of leaving me behind,

But it's okay,

for what goes around, comes back in time.

When you do arrive,

When we meet again,

If I ask, will you stay?

Or like back then,

Will you push me away?

Now is the time,

to kneel and pray.

I won't have to ask,

If you don't mind,

I'm kneeling beside you,

as is my task,

 Whatever you have done,

As a parent, you will find.

Never, ever will I leave you behind.


                     R.Brasier March 6th, 2022

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