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13 Symptoms of 'The Rudy Effect' Read Second

Rudy Eugene

Before we get into the reasons why this is happening we should first know what we are looking for. Many of you will chalk this up as another conspiracy theory created out of nothing by a conspiracy theorist. No. I'm not making it up, I'm researching and it is no theory. It is a recent phenomenon that is rapidly gaining pace. But, you'll see it or you'll stay blind and live your life until something takes it away. I don't care. I KNOW it is happening and picking up momentum. My warning to you is to hesitate before opening your door to see whose vandalizing your patio furniture. You don't need to believe this to exercise caution in your life or to know there are 'crazies' out there anyway.

Those affected with 'The Rudy Effect' have distinct tell tale signs. The problem is they start out confused and with all the druggies you'll just assume they are on them. If you keep your distance you might be ok but if you think for one second you can help give them directions back to anywhere you won't get away soon enough. I can not stress this enough, that even if they are on a substance it has zero to do with these folks behavior. They just happen to be high at the time.

I've watched people on Flakka and they do not act like these chosen ones. Flakka people struggle if confined but don't attack. I've watched then desperately hold onto things when they walk while talking incoherently unaware of everything. They don't have the strength or focus to really attack with damage. Push them and they'll fall into another world. 'The Rudy Effect' is very focused, alert, and fast.

Here is the list of symptoms for 'The Rudy Effect' (No particular order but confused, disoriented and inability to drive usually starts thing off):

1. Happens without warning, fine one minute then violent the next. Some may linger longer in the disoriented state walking aimlessly, talking nonsense. Grasp on reality begins to slip.

2. It doesn't matter if they are drinking, doing heroin, meth, bath salts or snorting grapes. It will happen regardless of what they are doing. If a person gets high everyday, or usually does, then what are the odds they will be high when affected by anything. Pretty good odds. But, that condition seems to have little bearing on it since so many are straight when affected. The media will pick every new drug that comes up but to blame them you must first explain how people with no drugs are doing the same thing. You can't have it both ways.

3. They can not drive. All stories of those having a car or driving at the time ultimately crash. I am not sure at what point they are naked. Is it before they get in the car or while driving which causes the erratic driving and crash. On two occasions they took clothing off as soon as they got out of the car.

4. They all strip down. The shirt or all clothing but clothes come off. There are two reasons this could be happening. 1) Their body is heating up fast . 2) They are regressing to a primal state and clothes are uncomfortable. Primate's did not wear clothes and these symptoms indicate a primal behavior.

5. They will be loud, ranting nonsense, yelling at someone or just for the sake of it. Get away, they are well on their way at this point.

6. They are not aware of their surroundings often appearing at strangers homes, either entering uninvited, forcing their way in or just walking around outside throwing furniture and anything nearby being destructive and noisy. They don't know where they are and appear to not care. Some defecate or urinate. There is no certain pattern or guaranteed length of time before becoming violent, it is sudden and unexpected. Some bypass ranting and vandalism turning violent shortly after disorientation. You never know what they will do. Their behavior is erratic and without plan making them extremely dangerous to come across.

7. They all have superior strength! They can break through doors and thick glass. Holding them down is impossible alone. It will take several men to restrain them and even then someone is likely to get hurt in the process. They are known to run but most will do so only until they spot a passerby and this includes pets. Only one occasion I read of a man crashing and running a mile naked. Perhaps he did this in an effort to keep his sanity. Aware of his status? Fearing what he might do if he stopped? I can't remember how it ended. He would be very unique if this were true. They have no ability to plan escape or strategy to control a situation. They just act at the moment and always with the intent to harm.

8. They have been known to use all fours to walk or move. They do growl like a wild animal or primate. This stage is after the disorientation and verbal raging. Can they no longer form words? They are well into the violent mode. They are about to attack or have already. I find this to be the most disturbing part of the process. Is the brain functioning on anything but instinct?

9. They feel no pain. They can put their head through glass, break a leg and continue to run, tasers have no effect, even multiple and they show no regard for themselves when shot . I believe this is how they are able to tackle and bite pitbulls and large pets. The strength can hold them and any damage the dog would impose defending themself goes unnoticed.

10. They are known also to bang their heads unaware of glass or cement.

11. They also climb to high places without fear. They will jump from high places also. Avoiding or acknowledging danger such as climbing to a roof or jumping from the second story window that could lead to their own demise is not a part of their thought process. They are unable to rationalize consequences.

12. The attack seems to be geared toward literally tearing the victim apart using their teeth and they don't stop without force or death. They bite anywhere but I suspect the face is their aim. Once again primates will attack the most vulnerable area to disable their opponent which is the face and eyes.

13. The attention span is very limited. They will run for a person but when they see closer movement they can bounce towards that, be it person or a passing animal. They just want to attack something and anyone in their path best run before being seen.


You won't know in the beginning except to say they won't sit or lay on the ground for long. They won't hold a conversation and violence will escalate quickly. If a woman is naked shopping, no worries. Some people have tried to imitate them for attention but it is easy to see it is an act. Sexual misconduct is not one of them. There are no case involving anything sexual so you can safely eliminate perverts. Just because someone bites or another is naked does not warrant an automatic determination. Other signs must follow. If they do not exhibit all of these signs there will be multiple exhibited over a short amount of time. My next blog will be actual cases and you'll understand how it works.

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