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A. D. D & A. D. H. D. is a Joke

Oh I know, the Dr says so and they know everything! Well, no they don't. They learn what the scientist decide. They learn what they are taught through continued education. I see most mental diagnosis as 'name calling' now. I watched a commercial that was pushing one of those drugs to the public to request from their doctor (suspicious) with death and

damage as a common side effect . It was for those with the so called Bipolar nearly anyone with a temper and lack of self control is deemed, and combining manic depression with it because certainly depression causes extreme outburst (though I thought depression made one despondent) , they now have levels 1-2-3. Just like that! This med commercial was for level two depression in those with Bipolar. Really? Don't believe a word of it. Psyche prescription is witchcraft. It changes they way you think, respond and act and influencing someone like this is witchcraft. When the time comes to get off them or, more likely, switch to a more potent drug there can be serious consequences such as murder. The way Doctors decide to just switch up meds as often as they do for no apparent reason is nothing short of incompetence and dangerous. There is nothing wrong with anyone (average person) except the desire to behave the way they want and needs an excuse that renders them blameless. What better way than 'I have a condition that makes me act like an asshole!' and there is a script to prove it.

As an adult it is your choice to ruin your brain and life. The same can not be said for children. If a child is a daydreamer (like Einstein) or restless, talkative, angry , or just hates school they are diagnosed automatically as ADD or ADHD. While the child is forming their ever growing brain straight into adolescence these know it all Doctors and incompetent parents actually think a psyche drug like adderall (Adults love the effect) will not alter the natural growth and function of a child's unfinished creation of their brain. Are you stupid? If you won't do any drugs while pregnant because the babies brain is forming inside you then why would you do so after the child is born and still forming his brain? Kids have not changed over the generations except to say the parents are less attentive than ever (and on drugs of some kind) forcing their emotional issues onto them. They are mere victims of a society that only places blame anywhere but on themselves. Accountability is a hard thing to come by these days.

Kids used to play outside while involved in sports and always bike riding. Parents disciplined and rarely sought the doctor unless it was for something physical. Kids learned to deal with life by loosing in a game and falling off the bike scraping their knee or even breaking a leg. They learned to interact with others through imagination and were taught a disagreement did not mean it was the end of their relationship and sometimes you had to accept you were not the only person in everyone's life, that sometimes they were wrong and most of all things would rarely go your way. They learned to accept others for who they were while being accepted for who they are. They learned compromising because everyone had different beliefs and ideas. They were praised for their talents and encouraged where they lacked. They learned to cope with everything. Somewhere down the line it all changed.

There is no more self-control. Rages over minor infractions are the norm and it has rolled over to a very selfish, angry, insecure, unaffectionate generation of kids. They are encouraged to voice their opinion about topics they know nothing about while demanding everyone thinks the same. Life is about pleasure and all things should go their way while sitting around on video games, talking to strangers more than family members, critical of everyone else view and personalities, ruling the parents who no longer set boundaries and there are special classes if they act out enough where they are not expected to perform, just behave. Violence to get one's way or raging until the other gives in is now the problem solver. No one should ever suffer or be inconvenienced. They no longer need fathers (or even mothers sometimes) learning that the word 'responsibility' is only in reference to oneself and acquiring what is desired at that moment. Love is sex and that is learned at school in elementary, and in cartoons, video games, on TV and all enforces that appearance of our face and body determines our worth to others romantically. Dating no longer leads to marriage, only sex. Conception becomes a disposable inconvenience. If you lack financially it is because you are less than everyone else and gain supersedes giving. Why give away something when you can make a buck off it, even that bag of outgrown baby clothes your newly single mom neighbor desperately needs.

When the learned behavior kicks everyone in the ass parents accept the 'drugging' as the easiest solution and even teachers insist students are drugged because when they wanted to become teachers they somehow missed the part about working with kids, and kids have energy! 'Shit down, raise your hand, no talking, wait until your turn and above all don't have to pee until the bell rings' sometimes just doesn't work. It does if they are drugged to conform though.

If you are a parent that are on psych meds due to temper or because you get depressed (I don't even want to hear the degree of anger and depression) my response is 'FUCK YOU'. If you are a parent who runs to the doctor because Johnny isn't grasping his school lessons and daydreams or talks your ear off or is in constant need of attention I say 'FUCK YOU'. If you ask (from tots to teens) Johnny's opinion about adult themes such as politics or Gender issues I say 'FUCK YOU!'. If you religiously run for the flu and immunization shot when told they are necessary without first researching what is in them I say 'FUCK YOU' If you believe everything the school, scientist, doctors, media, pastors and those in power tell you without researching what they are saying I say 'FUCK YOU'

You deserve this unhappiness you must be constantly living in if you need to drug yourself or those around you in order to cope. Nothing since life became civilized thousands of years ago has changed one bit. Same concerns and survival battles as generations before yours. Grow up, deal with shit and stop pouring all your problems onto your kids. Try forming a relationship with God you don't have no matter how much you think you do. If so, you wouldn't feel the need to take medications or give your child any.

You are stupid. Fuck You and anything you have to say because nothing you say will be other than what you were taught to accept.


~What gives me the right to say these things about this subject?~ (Getting personal, but fair is fair)

1) I was raised in a lesbian household before it was acceptable. Constant moving, lying and humiliation from peers were part of everyday during childhood.

2) I was raised by contradicting, alcoholic , self absorbed woman and never had a father present.

3) Met my father at 14 and was rejected.

4) I was forced to live on the streets at 15 when the woman seperated.

5) I had to accept my mother's girlfriend/boyfriend/girlfriend/ husband then girlfriend again living in a constant state of confusion.

6) Lost my 5th and very loved newborn.

7) Had to deal with first husband's suicide and then my son's many attempts later.

8) Second marriage was to an abuser. I was in 14 shelters in 5 years.

9) Was rendered homeless with six kids living in a van. No help from family.

10) Was a single parent with 6 kids, no child support while working ten hours a day, six days a week.

11) When discovering I was pregnant with another child after my two year divorce I unwillingly (but necessary) gave the child up for adoption. Yes I am pro-life.

Those are just some of my life events.

Nobody but schizophrenics and pediphiles need psyche drugs! But you probably do not, nor do you're young children. And no one needs to be on anything all their life. If you do, you are a fucking pussy and you need to grow up! You'll get through and over every crises you endure eventually. If I got through it, so can 90% of those on psyche drugs.

Point is that through all these life trials I never took medications. Think I wasn't angry sometimes, frustrated or fed up? Think I didn't have outburst or slammed things around? Think I didn't get depressed and stayed in bed for days at a time wishing I was dead? Think I just breezed through it all? Think my experiences aren't worse than yours and your the only one having life issues?


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