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A Mother's day gift to share

I must share what my daughter gave me for a gift today. A Mother's day to remember forever!

Mother and daughter

She gave a my a gigantic card. On the outside was written 'The Madre' Inside it was filled with words and a necklace taped to it. It wasn't the noticeable card or the necklace that was of value, though I did appreciate this sentiment, but the words superseded all else I could have received from anyone this day.

This is what she wrote to me:


I want to thank you for everything you have done for me, whether or not it was helping me pay bills, being a shoulder I can lean on, or giving me advice on how everything is going to go (The exact opposite of what I think) and you're normally right. You either kick me in the ass or give me a hug and I'm so glad I get to have either or. I apologize if it ever seems like I'm taking you for granted, it may seem like it in the moment but I promise you it's never my intention. You are 'superwoman' to me, mom. I hope that as I get older I'm just as forgiving, determined, stable, caring, respected, respectful, understanding, strong, focused and so many more amazing traits that you have. You can conquer the world if you put your mind to it and I hope I have that same perseverance. Whenever I have children, I pray I'm half the mom you are. It may have been tough growing up but only recently have I realized that you just wanted what was best for me and my future. Thank you for helping me through my shortcuts and dead ends. I can't wait to continue to make you proud. You've taught me so much and even though time flys I still have so much to learn and I hope you're there to see me become successful so you can proudly say I'm your daughter. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! I LOVE YOU, ANA

~Can anyone beat that!

Ana, I'm already beaming with pride over you and when I see you or think of you I already see success. I love you more, infinity square. ~

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