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About that civil war propaganda

I have to doubt where Alex Jones really stands when he promotes the idea we should worry about civil war and his headlines read 'On the brink of civil war'.....I don't feel it. Ever since Waters sent out some goons to harass some pro Trump folks there's big talk about civil war. Really? Anyone else see that? Right after waters violence promotion.

So I was thinking about what it would be like. And who are we against because everyone I know just wants to live their life. The protest's that I have watched are quite small in numbers. Even BLM protests were just property damage from a couple bus loads of collage fags that soros had to pay to get them to participate. So who and why are we going to fight?

Over Trump? Because of what exactly? Guns, abortion, making peace with korea or the fake news on immigration?

Let me picture this:

Those that hate Trump...

Against Trump Supporters....

I like to prepare so here is my to do list , so we'll be ready

It should be over by 7 anyway by the looks of the two sides fighting in this unnecessary and inconvenient civil war.

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