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All The Worlds a Freakshow

There is so much wrong with this on so many levels. First off they do it then report on ONE complaining parent so everyone will think 'they won't let it happen again' First off, the parent complaining is a plant. I read several articles and all say 'parents were horrified...' yet only one was interviewed. She even poses with her son for a picture. I'm sure the boy giggled through the whole show while now he puts on his sad and scarred for life expression. Future crises actor in training?

The newswoman smiled after announcing 'they got a whole lot more...' what is so fucking funny? Maybe the fact that it was ALL, the whole surprise to horrific to news interview was a performance. The way the Jayme Closs kidnapping was a performance and the Chris Watts murder was a performance. I always wondered why certain cases received all the attention when there are thousands of similar ones. Now I think I have a pretty good idea why. Crisis actors graduation has to be a personal tragedy for the world to see. One must ask how long they've been doing this. As far back or before Elizabeth Smart?

Look at all the pictures. This principal was able to finish his entire skit. Not one father stepped up and punched the guy, took their child and walked out? Not one parent left? How very odd.

Just sitting through it renders you no better than them.

But I suspect everyone at this assembly talent night are worshipping the same God,

and it ain't my God!

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