Another Angel Comes To Me

How many times have I met them that I am aware of? Three I think. I've seen four though, if it was three and I'm pretty sure it was.

This last venture was very interesting. I went to my son's and dropped off my things because I spend four nights a week at his house so I don't have to get up early to walk there to babysit. I then left for the store to buy a couple lotto tickets. On the way I considered what numbers to play and tried to think of the numbers I saw most this week. When I reached the end of his road is when I would cross the street. The store is just diagonal from here but I noticed a large black man with a full beard passing and had I crossed I would have walked into him so I waited until I saw I would be behind him. I did so and followed him to the door a few feet behind. The man opened the door and turned around smiling and I did not react surprised but instead smiled and said 'thank you' as he held the door open for me.

I went straight to the back and placed my purse by the coffee machines then turned to look for him but he was not there. Why would I feel the need to do this? Because when he turned to face me at the time he opened the door coming into the store he was a well dressed white man, bald and clean shaven, not the dull dressed black man with hair on his head and face whom I had followed. My first thought 'Angel' but could not yet see the relevance. I withdrew $20 from the ATM that was next to the coffee and then went to the counter approaching the clerk who stood behind it and he to approached at the same time. I requested a pen from the clerk and the man asked 'You need a pen?' I told him the clerk would have one and he literally insisted I take his pen. A silver expensive looking one. I did so and said 'It will be a minute' and went to look at the numbers that had come out on the board that hung near the ATM machine to decide my numbers.

This gentleman made friendly small talk with the night clerk and waited with patience. The three numbers I saw most was 7,8,3 so I played those and searched for a four number sequence but a 4th number eluded me so I made an educated guess. When I returned to the clerk and man I handed him back his pen with a 'thank you' and he smiled. I wondered if he was a cop being dressed so nicely and eager to engage me considering my ex roommate was arrested for dealing. Maybe they thought I was a participant of his crappy choice of work and were watching me. I've never seen a cop transform from a black hairy man to a clean cut white guy though. I decided the way to know was if I won on any of my numbers I chose.

The following day I won over $100.00 and later that evening I thought maybe the angels touch was still around me and tried my luck at the online lotto. I won $50 more.

I am convinced he is an Angel and I feel comforted that they are watching me. I need to know at the end of this most difficult, shockwave of a year that God is with me. I know he is, but this showed me physically that he is. At a time of feeling unimportant to anyone I realize I am important to someone. I am important to the one who is the most important.

I felt pretty uplifted.

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