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Answer me this magoo 'Why are you a Democrat?' Then again why is anyone?

Either you always have been and just hate change so you remain deliberately ignorant


All your friends are and you may lose a few so you go with the flow because being wrong with our best buds is better than right without them (usually happens in college)


You really want socialism to replace freedom so nobody feels left out. Socialism fixes everything from food shortage to curing the illnesses and equality brings Utopia. (You just haven't been to california yet but they say it's really nice)


You just hate Trump and he is a republican (Like saying I don't eat veggies because I don't like Spinach).

Maybe it's the cool thing to do. Borders just divide while babies bring overpopulation and that climate change could really end life on earth while food is becoming so rare we will all starve eventually, but let's not forget the guns. Who needs those? What purpose but death can they serve. (Save the babies unless it's by abortion?)

Let's think about this. Let us start with the obvious overpopulation. People, humanity is where it all begins. Each time the powers that be, show us an argument for overpopulation they toss out huge numbers and pics of China or NYC. What Bill Gates and others neglect to tell you is this:

According to the U.N. Population Database, the world’s population in 2010 will be 6,908,688,000. The landmass of Texas is 268,820 sq mi (7,494,271,488,000 sq ft).

So, divide 7,494,271,488,000 sq ft by 6,908,688,000 people, and you get 1084.76 sq ft/person.That’s approximately a 33′ x 33′ plot of land for every person on the planet, enough space for a townhouse.

You're going to say 'ya in 2010 but it will double in XX amount of years and eventually no one will fit anywhere. You are not adding the future growth into it.'

Really? First check this out:

Given an average four person family, every family would have a 66′ x 66′ plot of land, which would comfortably provide a single family home and yard — and all of them fit on a landmass the size of Texas. Admittedly, it’d basically be one massive subdivision, but Texas is a tiny portion of the inhabitable Earth.

Such an arrangement would leave the entire rest of the world vacant. There’s plenty of space for humanity.

And let's not forget Death. An eventual fact of life. Add illness, disasters, suicide, accidents and murder then see if a baby is born sooner than death arrives. It would have to in order for the population to exceed beyond our means. See we have spikes in population and then declines. It's a natural order that in fact stabilizes the population. If a Tsunami hits a shoreline wiping out say 20,000 in a matter of minutes I assure you babies are not born at that rate to keep up. Life continues as always one birth at a time. The UNICEF estimates that an average of 353,000 babies are born each day around the world .

One natural disaster lowered that days population by 20,000. That's just one, and what about illness, accidents, etc. Add all those up each day around the world and I'll bet money more people die than are born. If they included stillbirths then it's a deceiving number to begin with. A person can wipe out 5 family members in ten minutes, a single car crash another 5-10 and how many of those happen each day in each city in each country. Housefires, Gangwars, Serial Killers, Cancer, AIDS, executions....And how many children of those 353,000 will make it to puberty or less? Get the picture.

Shortage of food on earth?

Ever been to a restaurant and see how much waste there is. How many restaurants of all types are all over the world? People starving in Ethiopia and other 3rd world countries? How about the Gates foundation stops sending vaccines and sends funds to help them grow food which will in turn halt diseases instead of using them as their brainwashing cover story as to why we are overpopulated. There is a way and always is to feed everyone. It's called farmers. We can ship food across the ocean now in case you didn't notice.

Medical expense for poor people?

Everyone deserves medical, it should be free. Please make up my mind. Do you want to depopulate or save everyone? Everyone should be cured but kill babies at birth. Feed the world (Food heals people) but we need to depopulate or at the least CONTROL (Socialism) how many people can have kids. If you believe people have bi-polor/boarderline personality disorder/manic depression all at the same time and only over the past 30 years then you believe everything I'm challenging. It used to be we only went to the doctors when something was wrong and for a physical ailment. Today the Government has us afraid to wake up because something somewhere is either resurrecting or there is so many things everyone will die at anytime. Then they shoot up the babies from the moment they arrive and create more and more unnecessary vaccines because 'we are so overpopulated we are spreading more and more diseases' You believe these miracle medications or vaccines will keep you alive longer when a proper diet is all you ever needed.

You can't have everything and most of what you get the government is telling you it's what you need.

Think for yourself because if you did you could connect the simplest dot that would easily show you why you shouldn't be a democrat.

The dot is this: You are told what to fear, what is wrong, what to do to cure it weather it is hunger, ailment or violence and both come from Democrats. They say there is to many people in the world creating unnatural destructions while giving you unknown vaccines and meds, lab created foods they say benefits the human race. The population dare I say, you know the ones they need to eradicate to survive. Who is this population? Are you special?

Then the guns. They tell you crazy people are shooting up everyone in random places, vulnerable places so give up the guns to be safe. This coming from the same people that want to depopulate. And you believe it? We want the guns because we know it is our only defense against the government, not because we like to shoot paper targets. We just want protection against any enemy that attempts to harm us. But you are a socialist who trusts those telling you these things about a better life if only....

If you have not needed a gun in your entire 35 years of life then why do you suppose the government wants to take them? Have you experienced a mass shooting of a school? Know anyone who has? Did someone tell you they knew someone whose cousin was there. How reliable is third hand news?

Maybe you just don't believe our government has the capabilities to pull it off. A shooting or bombing in public where others are present yet never saw anything or was hurt or knew a bestie who was injured. Blood, gunfire, bullet holes, panicked kids or tourist. Ask yourself where do movies come from? How are they so convincing when a actor is chopped up, shot up or blown up in a movie? You don't think they can pull off a live show? Pay amature actors very well with a signed promise of sworn secrecy to repeatedly star in a live action movie of the week. Actors that I assure you are related to someone high up like David infantman from Parkland High advocating against guns. You may not know his father works for the FBI his entire career, rooted well in the government circus. Yes David was planted into that fake scenario specially designed with great effort just to convince you to give your only shield from them away.

Everything connects to the other from military, religion, political, science, medical, education, hollywood to music makers. The real big dot is that fact that they are ALL Luciferians. Everything is a lie or act.

I could be veering off track though. Democrats and why you are one is the question.

Democrats voted against giving newborns who survive an abortion medical help

Democrats advocate taking weapons

Democrats advocate climate control in order to tax more and create laws

Democrats are against defending their own country by building a wall

Democrats convince the public of anything they want through manipulation and lies from the press

Democrats are the most contradictory group to give a speech and be believed by YOU.

They build up racism even against their own kind, advocate support of gender neutral to further confuse society, they use guilt and bullying to meet their means.

If they express so much disrespect towards our current leader, masculinity, the white race, new born babies then what makes you think they will have any mercy on you or your family just because you voted for them.

Democrats are socialist with a plan to control everything. After you willingly give them your guns and accept the law of the land microchip while you receive a stippen to survive on since robots now have your old job and if you don't bow and worship the satanic brotherhood who owns you like cattle you're dead because remember 'you and your family are the population' as well as traitors to a free Christian country you once called home.

Luciferians are the real deal. Not some Gothic wannabe who don't believe in Satan while worshipping him. These elitist that will impose their religion onto everyone as soon as the chance arrives do kill live babies during sacrifice, do eat their flesh, do molest children and what will they do to you after your chipped and owned?

The pope named his telescope LUCIFER. Do your eyes see anything wrong with this?

Hollywood is the name of the wood witches (real ones) use to carve their wands out of. Nothing your eyes see wrong with this either?

Have you paid attention to the music videos from Madonna or Beyonce the past few years? Watch a few and see how dark or paganistic and ritual like tone they are.

Did you know Jane Mansfield married in the Church of Satan? That Sammy Davis JR was a member? That many many more went there. Take a guess where the second largest satanic church is on the east coast. (Anton Lavey's west coast church is the largest in San Francisco) Take a shot at it. Don't know? The town of Newtown Conn. Sound familiar? It ought to since it is the very town that Sandy Hook played out in. How do they get an entire town to shut its mouth, ask the church. I'm pretty sure most are members. Many of the $400,000 homes were paid off the following year also. Probably those not involved with the church because as soon as they were paid off they were also up for sale. Few people left that town.

You should do what we do, research shit!

Why again do you want to be a democrat voting these types of people into office when they openly scream out their plans for humanity. When the fighting for America begins will that change your mind? Because you'll be a little too late when your escourted into a concentration camp they now call 'Fema Camp' for your own protection. There's food, a cot, showers and gas chambers reconstructed since the days of Hitler (The first test run).

This is how they will deal with the population problem they talk so much about. Don't forget that not only did you claim the place of a democrat but you are also the population.

The only thing between Free and socialist is Trump. What hate have we shown anyone lately? All we want is a Free America to raise our children in without fear. If that sounds more peaceful than the fear and hate they are showing everyone join us. Stop following the crowd and wake up!

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