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Bill Cosby is being framed!

Certainly everyone can see this. First trial they couldn't convict. One woman who says she is a lesbian, yet admits she broke up with a man when she went to Bill's after drinking with him at a club, and 'accepted' his Quaaludes offer (offer me some please!) as if it is a date rape drug decides years and years later 'I think I was unwilling' and decides to frame him. Yes frame! What on earth did she think he wanted when they got to his private after hours party. What every man wants and what any adult female knows he is hoping for! Is she that immature and naive?

You should have gone home bitch!

So the whacked out current admitted queer (like her personal change of venue later in life should have a bearing on this incident) loses the case and what happens next? Suddenly three other woman are pulled out of a hat like a magician's act to back up the first bitch. That's unfair! Where were all these woman years ago? Why not leak a hint of accusation against him back then? There should be a statute of limitations for sexual accusations if your an adult. They should admit they willingly took the benadryl and quaaludes (Gosh I'll take some), while willingly accompanying him to his home, willingly fucking him after arriving like people oftan do when drinking and drugging all night. They, the other woman during the second trial, should shut up since they were not voicing their experience during the first trial, and all the accusers were not twelve or sixteen, they were grown ass woman who knew exactly what they were doing when accepting the offers Bill made.

That is not RAPE! That is CONSENSUAL!

The way they carried on after the verdict was read is even less convincing this wasn't a frame up. Crying like they needed years of therapy or he turned them all gay or they were all unable to have a sexual relationship with anyone again looked like a crisis actors dream! It is how parents behaved during Sandy Hook and every other fake ass hoax we have been seeing for years.

You accomplished nothing but making an old respected 'normal' man look like a predator stalking woman and pulling them into bushes after sneaking a date rape drug into their drinks. Must I remind you about accepting the offer? Acceptance and compliance is pretty much the same.

I wonder who Mr Cosby pissed off in that huge coven called 'The industry'?

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