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Bill Gates is just depressing

For a man with all the money , comforts and success Bill gates has no hope for man and that is so sad.

He says 'which challenges to global health security he fears the most, Gates outlines three: antibiotic resistance, cuts to government funding to improve health in the world’s poorest countries, and the next unknown disease, referred to by the World Health Organisation simply as ‘Disease X’. '

Let us decipher this.

Antibiotics: The only reasons antibiotics don't work is because people are over prescribed and naturally their bodies build a resistance or the scientist are giving out some weaker serum with the possibility of it all being placebos. It doesn't just stop working. Find the reason, fix the reason. I never go the doctors so any antibiotics I ever did receive for an ailment I could not conquer on my own always work. Stop going to the doctors for every little thing and know your bodies strength.

Funding: Bill is so worried about poor areas that he literally was tossed out of a India for giving the polio vaccine that paralyzed the people. Didn't know that? Look it up! His vaccines, even in America, cause more ailments than solves them. What is he up to as he hides behind the 'caring' mask? I have an idea though that could solve all of this. Nutrition is the key to healthy living so Bill could FEED the poor populations in worse off areas, thus promoting true cures to the cause. He has the money to feed the poverty stricken, disease infested, starving part of the world but still sits on coins he can't take to the grave while investing in scientific bullshit that band aids not eradicates. Fuck off Bill.

Disease X: Ya right. He knows all about the disease that is unknown.

''The threat of the unknown pathogen – highly-contagious, lethal, fast-moving – is real. It could be a mutated flu strain or something else entirely. The Swine Flu and 2014 Ebola outbreaks underscored the threat.” says Bill

Anyone see whats wrong with this picture. The swine flu was not a threat but the vaccine he offered to save the world from it probably was a very big threat. 'The unknown disease is fast moving, lethal and contagious!' How does he know? It doesn't exist yet...or....does it? Gates might know something we don't. He may financially support the creation of....or how else would he know almost everything about it with the idea it is inevitable. 'He also thinks that funding could be pulled from improving health of poor countries?' Well Billy boy, how much money you got? And all your friends?

No hope for mankind, ever, according to those who can literally solve all of these issues.

Bill being so worried about all these terrible things that 'could happen' you would think he would have already jumped off a bridge. He won't though because he has the answer. Poverty, and disease X will kill and we know one thing about bill Gates, he is very vocal about the need to depopulate.

Bills worries are really his hopes.

Bill Gates is an elitist jackass.

Money helps create a persona but eliminate the cash flow and your left with a shell of evil.

Bill is evil.

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