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Blacks are definitely the majority racist now

I have to comment on this if not for anything but to unload. Does this man, Sharpton, have any self respect at all? Does he realize how stupid he sounds? How can you have so much resentment, self imposed grand illusion, record breaking ego to the point you would use a couples wedding as your racist example AND say these false statements on their wedding day knowing darn well they will know about it? Your so sick. So miserable. You need psychiatric help Mr Sharpton.

Is it that you resent mixed families? Do you feel so inferior that you have to make a bold attempt to ruin that one special day by dragging racism into it? You are living proof that blacks are the racist. It is all we are forced to listen to these days are blacks being racist by claiming everything is racist against your special asses. I don't see white spewing this shit! It is always you're people Sharpton. We don't feel inferior or loosing at your sick contest or privileged or supreme. Little girls want to be a princess , who ever that princess is at the time. Don't feel so empowered. You are the division Sharpton. You, Obama, Micheal/Michelle have been spitting racism from the start. Not whites. I mean Black Lives Matter couldn't try to be any more self centered if they made an effort. Black Lives Matter. We have to remind you (black version of the KKK) that ALL lives matter, not just you and your special breed. We don't care about what any of you do. I have a black grandson, a black cousin by marriage, had a black daughter in law. I care for an elderly black man and even attended an all black church. Fuck you sharpton!

There is no racism except what you try to force as racism to your own race, causing them useless stress, travelling the wrong road that will inevitably lead them to be lost, and feeding them lies for your own personal campaign. You and Mr King would not get along. You are an embarrassment to him. And Micheal/Michelle posing as a first lady is a complete insult to him because while he fought for equal rights it was not about trannys who are a living abondomation to God. What you just did and what you encourage others to do and think is not of God. Enjoy Hell Mr Sharpton and remember you're not getting any younger. Just because you think you'll be remembered for some big fight like Martin Luther King doesn't mean you will be or that your hate is validated, because once Obama and his ugly tranny husband became president and first man it proved racism died quite some time ago. Blacks made it to the top just to chizzle their way back down all on their own and blame everyone else for it. Let me ask you this, are Blacks: Teachers, shop owners, lawyers, cops, bosses, doctors, judges, senators, social get the point.

Shut the fuck up or just end the hate and shoot your fucking self!

My seven year old BLACK grandson doesn't need to learn or grow up with this bullshit!

Here, is he not black enough for ya? Now, read what it says because whatever the race a person is, they will be affected. How about you change your plight to something that matters like the spraying of poison into the air affecting all colors of lungs called 'Chemtrails' You might just get recognition then, not only from people but from God as well.

The difference between this black child, Ajacques and that black old man, Sharpton. The child is smarter! Is it age or the fact that he's white! Eat that you old worn out piece of shit!

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