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Updated: Oct 8

By: Miranda Tempest.

When one is interested but the other is not.

Me: hi

Client: Hello

Client: I just want an update on my person joe. What is his current feelings for me?

Me: ok did you talk to him

Client: What are his intentions towards me? No not Since the 4th of July

Me: so he didn't hang out with you then

Client: Yes he did

Me: he's not thinking in terms of a relationship

Client: It got good I saw him almost every weekend

Me: Oh okay. Still, you need to go out with others

Client: Okay I definitely can do this I have offers from others

Me: friends

Clients: Oh okay I have both

Me: I mean to be friends with Joe but date others

Client: Yes I agree

Me: you should divert your attention so you can focus on the right one when they appear

Client: I’m trying to leave at a friendship level but he shutdown

Me: Okay I understand

Client: Thank you, you're right

Me: then just accept that. we can't control other people's reactions. Sad but it's his choice

Client: Yes definitely


↑ Your previous conversation ↑

Me: hi

Client: Hi

Client: I’m Brenda. I just want to know what is Joe's ------current feelings for me?

Me: ok but next time I don't need birthdates :) I get the impression you are not having much fun with him, how come?

Client: (In relation to birthdates) Okay trust me it took more effort in me writing them good to know though. I hate writing them :)

Client: I have fun but he is not having fun apparently

Me: you won't get what you're hoping with him

Me: oh him. I don't think he is then.

Client: He is suspended from his job and has money trouble I guess idk

Me: you won't last, he is focused on other things so feelings that grow in you aren't in him

Client: Oh okay well thank you

Me: how long have you been seeing him

Client: We are friends

Me: oh, well stay friends just don't expect more. He seems preoccupied with his own things

Client: I won’t. Thanks



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