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Center For Fake Desease Control

CFDC (Center for Fake Desease control) helps you cope with year two of the infamous, supposedly deadly flu ever. We at the CFDC are dedicated to bringing you guidance to help stop the fear mongering intent to those (call them group1) who are aware of the propaganda, also those (Call this group 2) who wished they could star in a reality show. They would like to title the program Idiocracy. They have actually had their dream come true, but haven't quite caught on. Yes, the world is watching. They just can't get paid for their role.

Common prevention tips to help stop Covid-19 and all forms of flu variants, as well as the common cold.

1. Cover your nose and mouth with a mask you make yourself. If you are part of group 2 and do not feel secure these masks are working, then try rolling up the windows of your car while wearing the mask and driving alone. If this still does not help you feel secure while noticing people belonging to group 1 pointing at you, and laughing as you drive by, then there is no help for you. Try making funeral arrangements. It may be the best option at this time.

2. Stand six feet or two arm lengths away from one another. This will reduce the risk of the virus from reaching you directly. This was announced last year when no one panicked. The Airborn concept according to group 2 is that while it is unlikely the virus is intelligent enough to aim for your mouth and nostrils, it could accidentally reach. Standing isolated in public, yelling across store aisles, and catching groceries the clerks must now toss to you, does reduce the spread all the same. Group 1 may continue the amusing game of deliberately standing as close to group 2 as humanly possible, without touching them in a valiant effort not to catch the idiocracy Airborn variant. The CFDC thanks you for your efforts. CFDC also thanks Group 1 for slobbering over your significant other and trading spit while making out with them and all other small contributing ideas in order to raise a reaction from group 2, because as CFDC told you last year, laughter is the best medician.

3. Listen to your local government's instructions on staying home, as well as smoking, wearing seatbelts, calling the police on your neighbor, getting vaccinated, and how to raise your children to obey and welcome the coming of the New World Order. This is the rule that Group 2 has expressed enjoying the most, and finds it the easiest to understand and complete. Group 1 may continue to defy all rules while still living in the United States, home of the free, since they are all naturally immune from death by covid and any of its variants.

4. Don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth, as well as any other body parts that Group 2 are embarrassed to admit they touch in fear of being considered a pedophile or dirty. Homosexual Homosapiens are excluded because they are considered 'special' since homosexuals in the group 2 of society have no shame or consideration for those who are parenting the old fashion way that always worked up until the Obama administration were elected in. Most of those who try to honor the children's healthy sexuality are from group 1. Group 1 may continue to touch all body parts, since weather you inhale it from the sky or transmit it through physical contact if you get the virus, then you get it, and you will live another day unless you are old, or have underlining health issues as it is every flu season.

5. Wash hands often. Disinfect frequently touched surfaces. The CFDC is sympathetic to Group 2 and their idiocracy plight. We have narrowed down the timing of 'often'. The CFDC have determined that often means every minute of everyday due to the fact that if you really took notice, you are never not touching something. Therefore please learn to never finish a job or task you begin, which should be understandable to your boss. We may find that persons will never be unreasonably expected to finish anything they do from here on, but it will also encourage those who refused to return to the work force after the cuts in privately owned businesses, the stimulus payments, and unemployment benefits to fearlessly return to work adding more money to the paycheck for confidence that those who never finished a job, task or project at their former employment before covid, will be paid even more to do even less. Group 1 may continue washing at the usual 'when needed' pace since they know a little dirt never hurt anyone. Group 2 should be warned that group 1 may start washing the bodies of persons in group 2 that they accidentally bumped into or breathed on just for fun. Please consider group 1 as attempting to do their part for the idiocracy individuals.

5. Cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow or tissue the same as you told your children when they began first grade. The elbow was invented by the incompetent Dr. Fucci during the hight of the first year, who jokingly greeted a news reporter with his elbow and somehow it became a theme in the role of responsible covid avoiders (group 2). Those who know who and what they are may continue to shake hands like real men while woman may sneeze into a tissue as they always did. Coughing into the air with others present may be rude, but since the virus is airborne transmitted covering one's mouth won't cause any more damage than breathing while in the presence of others. If those in group 2 bare witness to someone in group 1 rubbing elbows as they greet someone CFDC recommends trying to get a picture as it happens because it is unlikely anyone will ever see it again making those rare photos or videos worth a lot of money years from now when Covid becomes a myth we tell the children about while putting them to bed to assure they stay in line with the endless rules of the NWO. 'If you don't listen to your government, you'll get covid...'

We wish everyone, not just group 1, is able to survive this second round as we battle the first round of forced vaccine laws. Our prayers are with everyone in Austria who knows this entire theatrical play has gone on much to long and have even more to be concerned about than you at the moment.

Good luck and God speed.

CEO/President of CFDC.

R. Brasier.

This is what propaganda looks like

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