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CFD Recommendations

Centers for Freedom of fake Disease Control. Often known as the CFD: Advice on Using Face Coverings to Slow Spread of COVID-19 1. CFD recommends not wearing a cloth face-covering in public weather social distancing measures can be maintained or not. 2. A simple cloth face covering can help slow the intake of fresh oxygen leading to the suffocation of fighter cells and a possible Cancer pandemic. take your pic, the flu or cancer. Those infected should wear a face mask to prevent infecting the healthy that does not have the virus symptoms because they don't have the virus. 3. Cloth face coverings can be fashioned from household items like someone's underwear or men jockstraps. The behavior in society causes this to be a great risk in order to make money. CFD recommends not buying them from church groups or housewife's trying to act as if they are doing their community good. Trust no one who thinks this is a real pandemic. 4. Cloth face coverings should be washed regularly if you happen to catch the flu this year and must help keep the healthy in good health as you would any given year. A washing machine will suffice. You don't even need bleach. Woman, remember to wash your hands after loading and unloading every load of laundry your family members won't help you wash during this uncomfortable time. You'll live, and they know it or they would help you. For once this is a good thing. 5. Practice safe removal of face coverings by not touching eyes, nose, and mouth, and wash hands immediately after removing the covering. Practice because you could strangle yourself with the strings or someone helping you if you are agitated. Just use common sense. Centers for Freedom of fake Disease Control for avoiding the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Hygiene advice because many in today's society have not been taught or are just too lazy. 1. Clean hands frequently with soap and water, or alcohol-based hand rub. Whatever you do avoid hand sanitizer due to the recent health risks discovered. If healthy people wear a mask and use hand sanitizer they are at greater risk of creating a new cancer no-one has ever heard of. Safer measures for everyone is no mask and soap and water after touching everything from the refrigerator door handle to the baby's butt. 2. Wash hands after coughing or sneezing; when caring for the sick; before, during, and after food preparation; before eating; after using the toilet; when hands are visibly dirty; and after handling animals or waste. It is recommended to stop living your life or let those who are already infected do everything for you. 3. Maintain at least 1-mile distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing. You might catch a cold instead, and those types of viruses last longer and spread faster. 4. Avoid touching your hands, nose, and mouth. Do not spit in public. Do not have sex in private. 5. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or bent elbow when coughing or sneezing. Discard the tissue immediately and clean your hands. Clean other people's faces and hands also in case they were closer than 1 mile. (This will keep those who believe this is a pandemic pretty busy and offers the best type of medicine there is for you, laughter).

Medical advice 1. Avoid close contact with others if you have any symptoms. It is recommended you do everything for the healthy while sick and to stay away from hospitals where all viruses are usually found and most often transmitted to perfectly healthy visitors and staff, even if your unable to breathe and are turning blue. The staff was not hired to get sick over you. 2. If you develop serious symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) contact local health authorities in advance in order to consider euthanasia to prevent you from spreading it further. It may be necessary to keep the medical staff safe from the virus in order to carry out their nonexistent duties during this inconvenient time. 3. Note any recent contact with others and travel details to provide to authorities who can trace and euthanize everyone you have been in contact with even though no one is willing to talk to you and travel everywhere has been banned. It will most likely be your fat fast food weak-bodied and selfish family members. You're neighbors and coworkers will be grateful to you. 4. Stay up to date on COVID-19 developments issued by health authorities and follow your instincts before following their directions. CFD recommends you listen closely in order to know what to avoid and know if laughter will be engaged with each day. 5. Burn your mask and gloves after each unnecessary usage. Wash hands after burning. 6. Healthy individuals only need to keep a mask if anyone demands you wear a mask in order to strangle them, in public or private. Wash hands after strangulation and burial. Burn all evidence with the mask, gloves, and body if so desired. 7. Wear a hazmat uniform if you are coughing or sneezing. Hazmat uniforms are effective when used in combination with frequent hand cleaning. 8. Do not touch the mask while wearing it. Clean hands if you touch the mask. CFD recommends not using your hand at all. You can sit on them but when you let your hands-free wash them. 9. Learn how to properly put on, remove, and dispose of masks. Clean hands after putting on, removing, and disposing of the mask. 10. Do not reuse single-use masks. CFD recommends making your own mask if you trust yourself and wash your hands after making each one. Find a pattern to make masks at any crafts shop. To find pet mask patterns go to any pet shop or kennel. 11. Regularly washing bare hands is more effective against catching COVID-19 than wearing rubber gloves, hazmat suits, and masks of any kind. 12. The COVID-19 virus can still be picked up on rubber gloves and transmitted by touching your face and genitals. 13. Serial killers will be encouraged to stop killing during this inconvenient time but if you must we recommend washing your hands after each contact and infliction you impose upon a victim. This also goes for child molesters such as our entire government office. 14. Contact your local government office to voice your opinion, protest and burn buildings down just in case they don't listen. You will not need a mask during this time due to the intelligence of the virus knowing where to herd you in and when it will serve no purpose. A special message from the CFD director: "If you the citizens of this great nation follow this advisement we offer, you WILL be a 99% cure rate survivor. I am proud to say that I am a 99% cure rate survivor myself. YOU can do this." Sincerely, Director of CFD, Revol You have now transformed your pets into Hannibal Lector's pets.

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