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Cops, Civilians and Extremities

This case is baffling and until we see the dash cam we really don't know how this went down. Taking the side of this victim I say to the cops 'WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING'? If a civilian does not have a gun there is no reason to take them down unless they were naked, super strong, biting and growing. I'll shoot them myself if this was the case. Apparently it was NOT the case and a knife reasons nothing. A woman against armed men? Really? I don't care if they just robbed a bank at knife point, if they stole a car at knife point. A knife is not a machete! If multiple men can not retrieve the knife from a single cocky woman then please resign because you are truly no use to society! I hope they release the cam!

Now for the suspect, who was acting criminal if the news is accurate I would say 'WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?'

You all know, EVERYONE knows some cops can be brutal and overbearing using unreasonable force. EVERYBODY knows this. Why would you antagonize cops? Taught them? Why act like a rabid pitbull knowing dogs get shot first? Get the fuck out of the car and face your consequences of your actions! You do NOT flash a knife. You do NOT accelerate your car as if taking off when asked to get out. You do NOT mouth off to them. I am certain things would have gone 100% differently had you even partially cooperated. The funny thing is and I must say it, I only see blacks do this as if they want the cops to shoot them. I have witnessed it over and over the defiance while crying about police brutality.

Here is a list to help you to do your part in cutting down some unreasonable force when stopped by cops.

1. Smile politely when he approaches

2. Use 'Sir or Ma'am' when responding

3. Comply to routine demands of officers

4. Study your rights so you can clearly know if they are overstepping legal boundaries and then you can sue later.

5. Do not pull out a weapon of any kind including guns, knifes, staplers, bats, fingernail file, etc..

6. Do not stick your hand in a place not clearly seen by cops and without explaining to cop what you are reaching for.

There are a few stress reduction techniques.

If you are high and you are stopped, tough shit! Join the thousands arrested for DUI that day along side of your 'self-exempt' ass.

If you are driving illegally (no licence, suspended licence, unregistered, stolen car etc.) tough shit! Your caught and knew the chances when you started pulling out of the driveway. Join the thousand of other illegal drivers being pulled over that day along side of your 'holier than thou' ass.

If you are swerving, running stop signs, not seat buckled, smoking pot, putting on makeup going 60 MPH or talking on a cell phone (I fucking hate that!), or speeding and are stopped, tough shit! Your caught so deal with it like everyone else who knows the risk of 'deal with my stupid ass consequences' vrs 'fuck them I can do what I fucking want' in these tender times of 'badges of power' vrs 'no, you have none'

Above all just comply and record everything! Just maybe the cops won't be so scared they feel the need to shoot and you get to live another day! And like it or not being a cop is a scary job! Respect it one incident at a time. They are not all out to get us.

If the article proves accurate, both are wrong. BOTH! Yes, the woman and the cop are to blame.

But let's not get all huffy until we see the cam.

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