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Crisis Actors And One Great Deception

I spoke of Chris Watts briefly, and with more detail Jayme Closs. Neither happened I assure you. It was just a crisis actors graduation test. With that being said think about how many other public crimes were lies? How much money is invested in these mainstream dramas of the week? Do I believe Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped? Not any more since she had to represent support for Jayme Closs like a key player. Must have happened if she is involved! Was there ever a baby Lisa abduction or any particular murders highlighted like Casey Anthony? There is no way the average citizen would get away with that! But who's to say in this crazy world full of medicated personalities. What I am saying is don't be so quick to believe it all.

AND THEN......She turned into an earthquake expert PHD Famous Lucy Jones for the fake 7.1 California Earthquake.

She desperately attempts to make the same expression as the real Lucy Jones and fails miserably.

The real Lucy Jones years ago...

THE IMPOSTER.............


You can't make this shit up!

I began studying pictures and realize how many similar faces there were. Like this one below. This woman actually works for CNN so she was going to get a role if she wants one, like a hobby of her is to deceive the world and get away with it. Some psychopaths get off on getting away with a crime. Why not get away with a crime by pretending there is one.

This woman played a role in The Chris Watts Murder

intrigue, Boston Bombing, and Sandy Hook.

I see a resemblance. Always see if the nose, hair lines, ears are similar or exact. The face is even the same shape.

Stephen Paddock did not exist or his girlfriend in a wheelchair for her big debut as they pretended to take her away to be interviewed. Wheelchair really? From Rosen the hero to Paddock the villain. They switch death to hero, hero to villain, parents to teachers and they will even use their childhood picture in one death while the next character will be a living relative. The idea is since they could not have aged 15 years in only two it must not be the same person. fooling the public.

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