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Death is as Natural as Birth

If you have ever lost someone and find it unfair, hard to get over so you can function in life again or think of where they go, is there something more, are they at peace even when death is forced on them through murder? So many questions as to what happens when we die. So I asked God and this is what was given to me during my automatic writing. It is recorded as they worded it exact.

Asking God 'What happens at the moment of death?'

Famously written words that blend sugar and spice and all that's nice does start the tale for thee. Branded treasure awaken the Nile, lights bright to comfort thee onto the journey of the next sphere. Tempt less and less to stay in storage but let free the spirit bring thee to heaven's door. Open homage with little delay but like a small stick that pricks you. Mention a guest for fewer questions than wants. Glide along path with entrance ahead. Make these note clear to all, the way is natural however relic the way beyond sunset or elsewhere. Never part, just depart brings you where one needs to be at appointed time. Like living in stone then crush no loss to fracture ways of necessity. Carry blameless ones dear to hold with out the thoughts of past to relinquish upsets instability. Pardon brushes of fabric that tear apart for they are doomed a portion of the lights edge. Best to break through at once.  Masses always enter so not to fear or why or when for this is one glory unknown till the time arrives. Be assured less see ways of hinder than run ahead. Think blessing and life now for natural ways takes the steps, not thee. Ponder no more of end or whys but live and boast of today. Be gladdance for pleasures now then deal with heaven then. Time is set in all occasions, think not less of anything else even when you doubt all is in accordance.

Miranda Tempest

(Through automatic writing)

If you can not comprehend what they mean here are a few definitions to aid you.

  1. We are Branded for death and they consider us a 'Treasure'

  2. We go on to another sphere, what we might call a dimension

  3. We are warned not to try to stay because it brings more pain, otherwise, it will be a slight prick and over

  4. The guest is someone you know who has already passed over, this is for the sole purpose of getting you to focus on leaving without thinking of who you are leaving so that you are more willing. Thinking of leaving your children behind will upset you and cause an unstable reaction. You won't ask questions because you'll want to see those who have been gone already

  5. We do not part ways with those here we depart from the body but are still around those living

  6. Some refuse to go and this is not a good thing because they will not have a full understanding and let what has happened to them be accepted or let their loved ones move on

  7. Most willingly run with it and 'masses' are the thousands of people who die every day.

  8. We should enjoy life and focus on the blessings without concern of when or how we will die because it is all in its natural order and will come to everyone anyway. If you don't know 'when' you are more likely to appreciate each day.

God Speed Dean!

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