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Everyone laughs at me. Then take a peek at this.

Everyone laughs at me when I say musicians, actors and politicians (Elite) are all witches who belong to a coven and not just America, all over the world. I said it goes way back to the beginning. Now maybe some people are not as hard core as the others but they do worship Lucifer all the same. The hardcore are rapists of children, they embrace cannibalism and commit murder. They are sick and you admire them. They don't even hide it anymore and still people think it's the days of Ozzie & Harriet loosened up.

I'm not talking about those idiots that call themselves Satanist but decided there was no Satan. They light candles and will things like they have some kind of self imposed special powers. Those are just misfits who have no idea what their purpose is. Let's look at some people you claim are normal just talented and rich with no agenda but to make the public happy for a little while.

But, we must start with the real deal devil worshipper and then those who follow and announce it. Anton Lavey who on his deathbed uttered his last words 'What have I done, I was wrong'

The focus is not Anton or his Tranny Daughter, it is the hand he is holding up. You all thought it was some fad started at rock concerts that the kids thought up, kinda like the peace sign in the 60's. That was not nearly as dangerous as this. If you can't see it then your ignorance surpasses your intelligence. Somethings you don't need a bible to teach you that it's wrong, something you should just know already.

TARANTINO: Did you really think he just made up 'Hostel'?

It is real. They do that sort of thing.




Meryl Streep and family

Wow. The pop! You do know he named the telescope at the vatican 'Lucifer' If your catholic leave the religion now. You don't need a religion to have a relationship with God.

Look, a leader from another country. You know when Bush said 'New World Order' he meant the world.

Of course the creepy Obamas.

Sadly, very sad is Mr Van Dyke. This goes back a long way. Anyone with big big money and status belongs. If they refuse they die or they render unsuccessful and you never see them again. Like Lynard Skynard. Buddy Holly.....?

Good enough. You get the picture. You look it up. Funny thing is I only found Trump do it once. He flashes the 666 symbol. I wonder if his status is higher. When they do it they are hexing a person. Seems like Trump doesn't need to. He and others are born into that world. Some may participate deeper than others. Still it's concerning. They are ALL part of it, a huge Deception when you have to hide behind your nemesis Christ.

Everything is not what it seems and Christ repeatedly told us he is the light and the truth. He said it many times because we live in a world of lies. Those people do not belong to God. They are seeds of Lucifer. Let us hope the Trump has been adopted in. Even then he can only hold the inevitable off another four years.

My only advice is that you DO NOT no matter what happens, DO NOT GET MICRO-CHIPPED!

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