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Fema everywhere? Don't get on the ships!

First spoke of tornadoes and natural events in need of Fema medical boats but then mentions NY. NY has no natural event so what's up? Well we knew they would roll out FEMA but the Fema boats right now being employed might be uncalled for because had this bullshit virus had not been hyped most would not be overwhelming the medical field. The woman speaking said 96% is negative for the virus and as with every year only those with underlying conditions are at risk. What is really going on. Is this the purging beginning? (read my blog under movies called 'Purge, election year' ) Now they are rolling out the Obamacare who implemented how the government should decide what medical help we ultimately get. Remember that bullshit? They could start the forced vaccines as we have been saying they will come out with another vaccine as the are doing now.

Is this the way they begin rolling out the NWO? Are China, France, Korea etc those countries actively helping with this. I have said all along that Trump's impeachment was a way to keep us focused and questioned what they were really up too. Right away this virus was rolled out after the impeachment ended in favor of Trump as I also said would happen.

Now why a virus? To implement new laws? To crash the economy that Trump built up? (Thanks Bilderberg pricks) Or, are we threatened with a chemical attack worse than ....the flu? Something coming they are concerned about that requires the general population home and under government's watchful eye to minimize the chaos it will invoke? Will the gun grab began? The gov't never plays a scenario this big (think 911) without solving several needs at once. This could do it.

I also have been saying there will be a false flag (not a hoax) bigger than 911. If no one is killed (and no one yet has been) then how is this all going to turn out bigger than the devastation of 911? 'Is something more coming?' is my concern that we are NOT at all privy too? It is not the virus that worries me, it is the Martial law. Martial law is real and is very scary.

911 cost us a lot of liberties so what will this cost the free America?


You will live longer.

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