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First Closs & Watts, Now This Kidnapping Of Delcie?

I hope this mom is never a witness for me! In this 911 call the current script (and if it is real people have simply grown dumb) calls for the children went to the park, then she and her sister went to the park. Then, somebody said the little one got his ice cream knocked over and cried so the big sister ran away. Ran away? They said somebody could have taken her. All this in the time it took for this neglectful parent to catch up with her kids. The younger one being only three. Here it is folks, the 911 call that differs from how the events took place according to a later time. It was the 30 minute 911 call about Jayme Closs that made me feel as foolish as Sandy Hook did and then I knew even the everyday news is bullshit. This call is short and stupid.

They said, they said! The Mother and her sister drove to the park then the kids went to the park, then she & sis went to the park and five year old is gone. Where did she park at the park? News tells us she sat in the car scratching off lottery tickets when the son ran up to them crying 'because' the sister was gone. So which is it? What has an ice cream got to do with anything and why not interview some witnesses.

The problem with this is that nobody saw her getting snatched or where she went but everyone noticed the red van with tinted windows driven by a man with a pimply, shaven face wearing orange sneakers and red pants. And he put her in the back seat. Kinda a LOT of detail.

Are the police still looking for this van? How could anyone who knows this red,orange, pimple face dickhead not know it's him as he drives a red van with tinted windows into their driveway for a visit or at the parking lot at work?

I laughed when I heard this description.

When it comes to little fat mexican Dulcie I am wondering what she really looks like. Here, you tell me.

You remember Mr Rogers, right? or was it Sesame Street?

If you chose #1 you would be correct on account she is asian. Filipino maybe but not Mexican.

AND what's this? They always fuck up with photoshop pics. It looks like a fishing line. Fishing line holding girl together. Seems like it is attached to her school backpack. I just don't know why that is in the picture.

And they did fuck up her arm, look at it. PHOTOSHOPPED ASIAN GIRL = FAKE EVENT.

Now the mom events, aside from being neglectful. She did three interviews so there was one:

Hello sad mommy who always speaks of her daughter as 'The child' with no tears or red nose.

5 days later

I know, you're thinking same interview. I'm thinking all interviews done on the same day then told they each were live on such and such days. I read the articles.

10 days later (after the very first one)

Is that the same park? Like I said it told the days between interviews. So, can you see the common denominator yet. Hint: Not the park!

If you said the shirt she's wearing you would be correct. No worries folks those are not tears she is wiping away. Her face is dry but her smirk from the lie needs to be adjusted. She is composing herself before she bursts out laughing!

So this Mommy with a third grade education is wearing a red shirt (I don't give a damn what those words on it says) . Red, like the color of the pants the abductor wore. I would not wear red. In fact I would hate that color the rest of my life!

The failing rescue

This was equally amusing because I think the only place I saw that they searched was the park even though the useless witnesses said red van with tinted windows and someone described the man they never saw placing the child in the 'backseat'. So why are we searching the park for days? No wonder they can't find the fucking van!

Here they are gathering for the search looking like they are not sure which part of the park he might have taken her.

This looks good there is water beneath the bridge and after a few fun hours killing her IN THE PARK where everyone saw him. The bastard pimple face could have dumped her in it. Then escaped without notice.

Notice the very concerned soldier...or cop...or whatever he is. Everyone does the park.

Let's focus as expected on the dog. Watch how important this pup is for the media.

Over the bridge, under the bridge....

And even in the water. Leaves that public adrenaline pumping!

Same day, same action pictures, same bullshit.

Focusing on a fake water searcher, a kid, pointing where they could look in the water below the bridge in the park the abductor drove away from. See him waddling in the cold water.

More numbnuts doing absolutely nothing to find this asian-mexican kid.

ooops dog again. He seems to be doing all the work. Can a dog even pick up a scent in water?

Well, since she not in the water let's find somewhere else in this park I am beginning to think is as large as the central park in NYC.

We know perverts like to dump in garbage cans......

Holy shit are they hiking across this park? WTF?

Do I need to show more?

Didn't think so.

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