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Free Food For Those Who Receive Free Food

I remember years ago during my divorce before Daddy was forced to pay child support while I worked sixty hours a week (yes 6 days a week, 10 hours a day) to solely support my six kids with out food stamps, assistance, or daddy dearest I once went to a church for food.

Just once, way back then.

This is what happened. My best friend who worked 40 hours a week while supporting her 4 children along with myself with 6 used to pull our food together every Sunday and make the kids a Sunday dinner. Two single moms and 10 children sat around a big table like it was a holiday each Sunday. We chose Sunday because it was the only day we shared that we did not have to work. One Sunday while trying to figure out what we could make we lacked anything good. Lots of condiments but little in main plates. She mentioned a friend she had that was on food stamps but would also go to the local churches to get more food and why couldn't we? After all we are single working moms with a shit load of kids! To top it off we both left abusive relationships. How could we be denied, after all they give it to anyone right?

So off we set to beg for food but confident we were not begging because we never did this before and worked for a living. We even felt we deserved it more because of the same reason we did not feel we were begging. We found a church that was set up and prepared to do their part of Gods good work. We entered, our entire tribe, and announced very politely that we were in need of food. This week we paid bills leaving us with little if any food for our number of children. We smiled. They didn't.

Instead of arms wide open and with stern nearly accusing feature of their faces one woman asked as she was preparing a box for some other unfortunate "Are you on food stamps?"

We proudly announced "oh no, we work full time we are just stuck right now after paying the bills, we just need something to get through this week"

"Well" Said the woman matter of fact and with less compassion than expected "If you are not on food stamps we can't give you anything. Go apply and then come back."

We left stunned and in agreement that we would never humiliate ourselves like this again.

So unless you're receiving $300 a month in food stamps, while getting a reduced rate on you're fuel and electric bill or reduced rent at some housing project you can not get help from Gods servants. It isn't Gods fault, It is that institute called Church that I have come to discover has very little to do with God but more to do with self ego of it's members.

So now while the working man goes with out everything if they earn less than they need while the welfare, unemployed leeches get everything we are working for to give them, now in the year 2015 this same establishment will rub in my face the thousand of refugees that contribute nothing to my country, or ever has is also able to join the hand out side of society while my family, according to this experience, can do with out. After all, If I can afford Rent I shouldn't need help with food. If I can pay my bills then I can afford food. If I pay taxes for others to eat why do I need to eat?

Now I am not implying everyone is a bum who is on welfare. I have had to go on it in the past but I did rise above in a very short time, my daughter was on it also but only temporary and now a full time single working mom. I paid for my short duration and my daughter is paying for hers. Remember itISour tax dollars from working that affords this luxury to those who have made a lifetime of it and the refugees that will as well, (if those refugees do not take our jobs in order to rise above their situation).

Think about it. I do every single time I pay my taxes and read the news. HERE

Because I worked full time as a waitress these kids did not deserve a little help apparently!

What would I have got if I just quit and lived off the state?

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