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Funny Thing If You Just Look is a free speech twitter like) social media site. After the fake bomber Sayoc was discovered to have (strategically) been placed there less than a year prior (If that isn't suspicious enough) they shut it down. Well the Boston Bomber had a Twitter account so why is that still running? The little things that make you shake you head!

Let's talk about the Boston Bombers and the stories they come out with. No one could view the trial. Everything said about him (the brother that lived) or relayed that he said during interrogations or how those interrogations were conducted comes from what ever the media is told without a shred of proof needed. So what do we really know about truth? I see things like this picture that makes me question the validity of everything.

Sure looks like a cartoon to me. Photo paste a face and anyone can be doing anything you want them to.

My question is if he did a crime in mass, went to school and resided in mass, was caught and arrested in Mass, went to trial, was convicted and sentenced in Mass then why is he serving time in Colorado?

Why is what I read now different than what I recall the newscasters saying in live time? For instance in live time the brothers went to the marathon, left for a party in another town, left party and was returning back to Boston and stopped at a store for gas then continued on when the saw the police chasing them. The guy who called cops from a second gas station supposedly was able to 'get away' when they were distracted for a 'moment' weird since you have to walk all the way across the street and they went in and 'bought' munchies. Then when they do head out and realize cops are coming up on them they stop and walk toward the police when one brother is shot so the other one fled. There was nothing I recall said about a stolen SUV or a chase. Why would these kids return to the city they would know they would be sought in? Why would they get out of the car and walk towards the police unarmed to have what is described as a shootout with police, though a witness said they had their hands up?

They tell a different story now. Yes they stopped at a store but they now describe it as a 'cash only' gas station chosen deliberately by the boys. What if it happened to be the one they chose simply because they saw it open and needed gas? I wonder what type of gun (yes only one gun) ?

I recall a Honda being driven but they never explain why they would leave Boston, tweeting for everyone to stay safe and go to a party relaxed as described by friends. Media say the boys were seen running with the crowd, yes I think they would be like everyone else. They say the boys coldly killed a school guard to get his gun. So, a shoot out with one gun? The story about the guard I never heard about. I guess they needed something for court and why there was a shootout. You would think the boys would have thought of this 'need a gun' just in case. I mean why wait until the last minute. Then they kill someone else to steal their car? Like that is smart? I swear they were driving a Honda when police went after them. They are also accused of killing a couple men in 2011. Need cold blooded killers or it just doesn't work. Killers that just keep killing for the dumbest reasons without thought or plan.

Did you know that there was a drill that day and when the first bomb went off witnesses said that a police officer told them not to panic, it was just a drill. Things that make you shake your head?

But why would the gov't do such a thing? Must have a purpose and they always do. This time it is called 'Martial Law' They had the nerve to go door to door searching everyone's homes, making them leave their apt or house, was frisked at gunpoint looking for fleeing terrorist driving. Makes no sense. It does if you needed a real event to practice on the community to see what would happen. How much resistance they will be up against in the future. It was for future events. They discovered from what I could see that everyone complied. Imagine that. I'd tell them 'NO' Put up resistance. I mean what are odds they will find them right there where the bombings took place? And nope, they found them elsewhere outside of the zone they searched, of course. Nobody found it suspicious what the military/cops was doing?

And here is a guy who lost both legs only four days later 'ok'

FOUR DAYS AFTER LOSING BOTH LEGS! You believe this crap? I wouldn't be ok'ing anything 4 days later!

But they are always smiling and visited for the media after being shot stabbed or blown up. Always! That's one sign it was a bullshit staged event against all of us!

And how about this. Remember this circulating?

Lets see more of this bitch who died at the Boston Bombing (and Sandy Hook)

Freckles and all! One more.

Close up of the ONLY pic you'll find of this dead Sandy Hooker...

I wonder why everyone that was killed at the tree of life were old at a baby naming service?

So you see, don't believe everything. 90% of the shootings, bomb threat/act's are BULLSHIT.

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