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Gender Neutral Is Normal? I Did Not Know!

I'm working at this little shop in town Friday afternoon when in walk these two 13-year-olds. They were wearing unicorn horns and looked, dare I say, like twins if they had not told me they were not, because I did question them. I wondered what the unicorn horns were all about, but I think I got an idea while I discovered talking to them all of 3 minutes. They are poster girls for all that society should be, against all logic. These two bimbos will never challenge society's sudden change of what is and what isn't, because it's cool to have a cause, however stupid it may sound. I did not know these snowflake, liberal, mindless, idiots were raised from birth to believe this new concept, intentionally. I thought kids went to school and simply rebelled the old fashion way.

So I asked these youngsters earnestly if they were looking for something particular, believing they were cute and playful kids, after all I love kids, even those just rolling over into their teens. These girls must have come from a party wearing unicorn horns on the heads I mistakenly took as still innocent girls. When one replies 'Kid's clothes', I bounced them over to a rack, having only three outfits for a toddler. "How old?" I asked. One of the girls said "Infant" and onward they glazed over other items across the store.

Since they wandered over to the electronics area of the store, where clearly anyone could see there were no clothes. I joined them and asked if they were going to a baby shower. They smiled, and the same girl responded, "oh, no, my mom just had a baby."

I was excited for them! A happy time for this family of girls and big sis's wanted to shop for their newborn coming home. So I asked what I thought was a 'normal' question upon hearing such news. "So, what did she have?"

The same girl replied "We don't know" with a smile I now felt was creepy and the silent girl was shaking her head back and forth affirming the don't know status. Certainly, my instant frown gave my confusion away. I struggled for words 'You don't know? So Mom....' that was when she cut me off to explain with that 'oh, silly me' lightbulb going off expression. She states as if this is completely sane and logical "We are gender-neutral" The girls were still smiling in a now very creepy way. All I kept thinking was 'This is not happening right now!' The hype over being a certain sex at birth was likely not going to be who they would develop into when adults, is flourishing and 'silly me' thought it would all go away one day being so downright dumb, to begin with.

I had to say it. I had to speak the truth to these brainwashed freaks who may one day decide after nine months of pregnancy they chose not to be a mother after all, and head for planned parenthood butcher shop to abort this clump of cells because after all just because you feel the feet doesn't mean they have any. So I said "You girls know there is only two genders, right? You know either you have one or you don't have one which means you are a boy if you have one or a girl if you don't'

I deepened the explanation they deliberately rolled right over their head. I just hope my elaboration was visual enough for them. I said to them "You know they can't take it off, nor can she grow one. So there you have it. Two Genders. You know they think when they get a sex change that's part of the operation but it's not, they still and always will have the same parts they were born with.'

So I asked what they were naming the baby Bobbi? A gender-neutral name. Then she proudly pipes up and says "Jody"

That's good. It goes for both but how about a middle name and she says "Jean" and again I popped the girl's air brains asking how they would spell that name because Jean with a J is a girls name and Gene with a G is a boy's name unless you're french then it would sound like John. Which I said as french as I could. It was Jean with a J they affirmed and I let them leave the store.

This was likely the first real truth told to them and they can chew on how complicated gender-neutral really is.

This is a freak! An embarrassment. Mentally ill.

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