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Heart Disease , The Sudden Killer-Added more

Added a recall:

Without that muscle you won't live! Sometimes you have warning signs, or just a sudden strike announcing it's unwell self. In light of my friend, Joshua, who passed yesterday from a sudden heart attack in the early morning that took him before the ambulance arrived, I feel the need to mention a few things in the hope of saving others.

There are those who have a weak muscle, no doubt. My grandmother suffered heart disease (dis-ease) and had repeated heart attacks until at 64 she had the queen of all attacks that took her life. During her time doctors told her the cholesterol was to high and told her not to eat, drink or be merry....everything she loved from salt to eggs to wine to long walks. She said to me 'What's the sense in living?' and she died a year later.

The once believed 'eggs' cause cholesterol was a myth. She could have ate all the eggs she wanted! They changed that notion after she died. Nice one science!!! With that said let me enlighten you on what you should consider.

The body is amazing. It can and does heal itself. So the key is the immune system. Veggies, eggs, herbs, fruits all give you that. If you want a heart attack eat GMO's, fast foods, lots of sugar and meat of no name wal-mart brand! The cholesterol serves a purpose as well. The muscle weaken's over time depending on how we take care of our body (unless God decides it's time to go home, a healthy body will mean nothing). The heart being as valuable as it is the body reacts to this by creating cholesterol. The heart will begin to thin out calling for the cholesterol to gather around those areas to thicken the weak spots . So Doctors say 'bad guy must go' but the truth is who has ever healed from heart issues taking those pills given for that reason. How would we know if our life habits must change with it? Maybe it is our life changes that was the answer. Then there is the notion of supplements. Above all the one you should be taking the doctor won't tell you about is Magnesium. 90% of those who have heart attacks have a insufficient amount of Magnesium in there body! Asking a doc to test for this will likely be at an unacceptable level that they will say is acceptable. How do we know what is acceptable if a doctor can't tell us? I say 'fuck them' take Magnesium supplement everyday anyway. I do. Don't confuse milk of magnesia with magnesium vitamins. Don't go to wal- mart and take 100-500 mg because you are wasting your money. You need 2000-3000 mg a day with any vitamin you take. I recommend CVS, Rite aid, Walgreen's or health stores.

Why do I believe what I say? I am 56 and have heart disease and stroke built into my DNA fabric with relatives over 40. I have not seen a doctor in 15 years (oh, once over a rash that stupefied even the doctor). Could I get a heart attack? Sure but I think I'll stick to natural means to aid my body not a pill. It has served me well thus far! I say these things so that maybe you will consider something the doctors are not considering.

Another tid -bit for woman. If you get an infection below , before running off to buy monistat, which we used to have to have a script from a doctor (oh, how doctors save the day!!!), try plain yogurt shoved up the below area for about a week right before you climb in bed to sleep. Works the same. Oh, inconvenient and messy? Not fast enough? Well what if monistat causes cervical cancer and it isn't HPV, that new made up 'GET A VACCINATION' theory? NO, HPV does NOT cause cervical cancer in everyone (and most of all boys). Ask yourself why they are giving it to 9 year old 's when it only last five years before you need another vaccination if it is a sexually transmitted disease? Everyone gets HPV in their lifetime. It heals itself in 2 years and nobody knows they even have it. Until recently when scientists promoting big pharma told us about it most never even knew it existed. How did everyone for hundreds of thousands of years survive until now. Cancer was rare and now with vaccinations and misdiagnosis the rate is off the charts and scientists are coming up with any excuse to exempt themselves and give out even more cancer causing vaccines.

Don't follow, Investigate and trust GOD! He made natural ways to heal everything!

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