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I call it 'The Rudy Effect' Read First

Here we go again! Remember Rudy Eugene? Miami cannibal? Let me give you the real low down on it and why it is relevant. I've been studying it for years and have done several radio shows on it.

Rudy Eugene was seen unable to start his car that was parked (That was the beginning).

He leaves it and starts walking. He walks for two miles.

During his two mile hike that would eventually end his life on that infamous highway, he stripped all his clothes off dropping them where he walked forming a trail of scattered clothes behind him.

He was seen climbing and swinging from a telephone pole.

He was in appearance incoherent and disoriented. People still did not call it in, they just avoided him. ~CORRECTION: People did call police throughout. The question now remains is why did they not stop him before he reached Poppo?~

He reached the underpass randomly running into the homeless man resting under the pass where Eugene approached unsuspecting of the danger that came. Eugene saw him and attacked him unprovoked.

His strength was inhuman as he picked the man up with one hand tossing him around. Still no one called. He used such force the Popo's clothes were ripped off during the tossing. (It was not sexually motivated) It was raveging.

Then he bit and tore the flesh off Popo's face. Imagine the screams if you will. Then people noticed and began calling in, no one tried to aid the man.

Eugene continued to tear at his prey's face with his teeth and spitting the flesh out. It was not for consumption but to destroy. This went on for 18 minutes. That is a long time for those screams to carry on and for people to keep going rather than witness the brutality, likely out of fear. What did Rudy Eugene's expression look like?

18 minutes. That is a long fucking time to be permitted to attack another person. Why did it take so long to call police and end this horrific ordeal.

Finally an officer arrives thinking it is just a couple bums having a dispute when he realizes what he is seeing and draws his weapon as fast as he can demanding Eugene stop what he is doing. The officers body language suggests fear. Rudy pays no mind to him or any of his surroundings, his focus is on Popo's face.

The officer fires a shot hitting Eugene, but eugene only stops and looks up at the officer long enough to growl. He growled like an animal. Or dare I say Demon? He returns to tearing Popo's flesh. The officer fires more until the growling insane animal that resembles a human being drops dead beside his now silent immobile prey whose face does not resembles a human being.

They blamed drugs. Mainly Bath Salts and before confirmation went on a mission to ban all bath salts, and warn people how dangerous they were, what happened in miami will happen to you if you use them. This went on daily for months.

Then the toxicology on Rudy Eugene along with some of his background of his life we learn that everyone's assumptions were completely wrong.

He had NO DRUGS in his system.

So they ignored this information and jumped to the next best reason. Rudy Eugene has a criminal record. Had violence in his past. That was then the new focus.

Then we find out he was trying to straighten himself and was quite successful in working, staying clean, no longer committing crimes, in a healthy relationship and trying to put a church together in his neighborhood.

They tried hard to squash the good until ultimately they just stopped talking about it.

There has never been an answer to what happened that day in Miami under the bridge.

Later they change the attention to Popo. They needed something good to present so the public would stop asking questions and accept whatever the media and officials fed them. They certainly kept the facade of bath salts going brainwashing everyone into thinking that was the cause. The sheeple still believe this version even 6 years later. The Sheeple still believe even after the numerous identical accounts of others since Rudy Eugene.

So they claim to spend tens of thousands of taxpayers money on operations, one after the other, to reconstruct Popo's face. I say IMPOSSIBLE! They show before and after pics. They even have an interview. I say 'ACTOR' No way did this man come out looking human and having any kind of vision. He eyes were gone, his jaw gone...he could not have survived and if he did he is sitting away from public view in a very dark sightless place on multitudes of psych meds. Not prancing around like a beloved hero giving interviews, playing guitar and looking at the camera. No fucking way!

The sheeple think so. They are happy something good came out of it and the mean drugged out cannibal is dead!

The sheeple believe it even if it is all a lie!

Then after hundreds of other cases and the emergence of the drug Flakka (Not one incident of an outright attack while on Flakka) they shift the cause to that new and improved drug. But that is yet another lie.

Then comes Johnny Lewis. The handsome but recently troubled young actor who rented a room from a sweet old lady, Kathy Davis, so he could regroup, do some writing, get back into the career and get back on track to live a good productive stable life! He was seriously doing this too! But he wouldn't receive credit for it, rather he would be branded forever as a raving drug addict murderer.

The sheeple will believe whatever story is fed to them. Ex troublemaker, drug user, plagued by mental disorders since his bike crash (He was disoriented and violent since on occasion)and was likely using drugs the day he pulled a Rudy Eugene stunt, although they wouldn't think of Rudy Eugene at all, Mr Lewis was whoever and doing whatever the media told them.

Johnny Lewis and Rudy Eugene never met yet they sure have something deadly in common. A sudden violent onset that caused them to strip their clothes off, Climb or jump to high places and tear the flesh of anything living they came across. Growling and exceeded strength, but most importantly neither men had any drugs in their system. But the media will skip over that part and focus on Flakka as the cause.

Which is it Bath Salts or Flakka?

How could either one be the cause when neither man was using any drugs?

I'll definitely be posting more but today the 18th of May, 2018 I give you another case!


I would like it to be known that these cases are so common place that Law enforcement and emergency workers are now calling these cases, they named it in 2012, 'Excited Delirium' or ED. They formed this name for what they call a relatively new phenomenon. Phenomenon? So when something new happens we don't try to find out what it is, we just find symptoms and name it? They say 'any prudent person would realize this suspect was out of control of his faculties, and far beyond just a normal drugged or drunken state' Referring to Jeremiah Haughee ' He took a butt-whipping from officers, but just keep on coming, which is typical of Excited Delirium'

Typical of people to become super strong, tearing others apart with their teeth? So if we name it we now feel better because they know what it is? How can something new be typical?

We will get to Haughee later. Can you imagine the danger we are in because they do not do an investigation on this new 'phenomenon' (scarey word) but it's ok folks cause we have a name and now we can rest easier. They leave it up to someone like me to attempt to find a cause or what I can about it. Yes me, the conspiracy theorist no one listens to. CBS did a nightline report on Bath salts and ED. In 2012 they blamed synthetics for all these cases, now they just have a name if it appears more than the drug at work. Then Flakka made its appearance and that became the drug causing this new condition, but it isn't. Flakka has nothing to do with it. They just need something to blame and the newest drug out gets to be it. So I guess I should be calling this REAL CASES OF ED.....Just sounds wrong and this isn't a simple case of ED, there is a source causing it. That is what we need to discover.

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