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If researching vaccines is harder than bringing them to the doctors................

Let me simplify it for you with no research necessary.

IF YOU VACCINATE In the first 6 years of life your child receives the following:

•17,500 mcg 2-phenoxyethanol (antifreeze) •5,700 mcg aluminum (neurotoxin) •Unknown amounts of fetal bovine serum(aborted cow blood) •801.6 mcg formaldehyde (carcinogen, embalming agent) •23,250 mcg gelatin (ground up animal caucuses) •500 mcg human albumin (human blood) •760 mcg of monosodium L-glutamate (causes obesity & diabetes) •Unknown amounts of MRC-5 cells (aborted human babies) •Over 10 mcg neomycin (antibiotic) •Over 0.075 mcg polymyxin B (antibiotic) •Over 560 mcg polysorbate 80 (carcinogen) •116 mcg potassium chloride (used in a lethal injection) •188 mcg potassium phosphate (liquid fertilizer agent) •260 mcg sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) •70 mcg sodium borate (Borax, used for cockroach control) •54,100 mcg of sodium chloride (table salt) •Unknown amounts of sodium citrate (food additive) •Unknown amounts of sodium hydroxide (Danger! Corrosive) •2,800 mcg sodium phosphate (toxic to any organism) •Unknown amounts of sodium phosphate monobasic monohydrate (toxic to any organism) •32,000 mcg sorbitol (Not to be injected) •0.6 mcg streptomycin (antibiotic) •Over 40,000 mcg sucrose (cane sugar) •35,000 mcg yeast protein (fungus) •5,000 mcg urea (metabolic waste from human urine) •Other chemical residuals


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