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Immigration, bombs and next?

I would like to say three things first. 1) I am only commenting on what I know as of today (10/26 noon news), I am sure more info will be created after I write this. 2) This is my blog, my thoughts and I'll write anything I want about anyone I want! Don't like it fuck- off. Go live on the other side of the coming wall. 3) Any sentences or punctuations in the wrong text, tuff. If you get my point it doesn't matter. I'm not a professional.

The media doesn't even try anymore. One man supposedly caused all this overnight, violent near death chaos in a very noticeable white van screaming 'I am here' with spray paint and stickers and a mess on the dashboard. But he has talent! He can make bombs and distribute them to everyone he hates in office all by himself. I am shocked they only discuss his criminal record but not his mental state of mind (that's reserved for fake shootings trying to convince people to hand over the guns) as if he would be sane, like the Uni-bomber? So is this fictional character of genius intelligence? Has he had experience in demolition or did he You Tube some lessons?

This certainly gives the immigration crowd travelling through countries at record speed with children and no money but full bellies and a shower a chance to regroup, rest, party a little before Part two performance of 'The road to nowhere for no real reason' starts again. I can't believe the higher powers think we believe this bullshit. Well, some might but there won't be a fight to the guillotine with them as long as you promise a lollipop on the way.

So this guy sayoc.....say-oc (Original Character) sounds fishy. He couldn't be a Henry or James or Louis could he? No, a Caesar like the king Julius Caesar who was assassinated. Remember the play someone did copycatting Julius Caesar with Trump in his place being assasinated? If Trump is assasinated I will declare his entire works and words a lie. He won't be dead and life is but one big fucking staged event by those with the money.

Let us settle for my imagination getting the best of me unless it happens.

So this lone bombman was captured in a day, all bombs found safely and his van was driving (risking every mile of contamination) to some designated spot where they have the forensics to find evidence. Not where they found the van, that town just doesn't have the same technology. It has to be at a garage of their choosing. The van is very very special and must be delicately handled!!!! Which certainly had America on the edge of their seats the whole way there. During this hour long trip to the only place that has this kind of forensic techno, the van was covered with a blue tarp that barely fit and must have been incorrectly tied because it began to blow off and America was conveniently able to view the state of the van that could blend in with others if he drove it to a grateful dead concert. They pull over on the highway while two soldiers man -handled the tarp to secure while having to touch the cargo several times in several places to accomplish this. After this incident the silly newscaster says...'...they have to get fingerprints and that is why they don't want anyone touching it....' Really bitch? We just watched two men touch it several times!

The van, the talk, the lies, the bad script goes on when the same bimbo newscaster has the nerve to say 'It's wonderful how America united over this, if America had not come together to catch this man....' WHAT? America did not unite as one to get through your stressful event and it was the FBI caught him. How about telling us how he was caught or had that part of the script failed to be figured out yet? Big tense event compared to what? 911? Did you ever mention how America DID unite for that event at the time? This stupid ass phony situation failed to give the people what would have drawn them to the TV and that is what we silently frowned over and quickly lost interest, the bomb going off at George Soros's house (in the bathroom while he's sitting on the toilet). That bastard needs to leave America one way or another. He causes too much hate and division! I wish Pelosi was dining with him at the time. They dine where they shit, right? Bunch of useless animals that should be kicked out of this great country.

No one united because a few evildoers were threatened in this movie of the week.

This was not all from this lady either.

She mention how unstable these fake bombs were as she had been told. UNSTABLE, very UNSTABLE bombs. So what does her sister in crime reporter say 'What does unstable mean? Is it if someone makes static electricity it could cause them to designate?'

Let's get some balloons, rub them together and see! Do it in your studio so we have something to unite over, should it work. The co-idiot to this one just kept saying the words like we really needed to hear them 'UNSTABLE', UNSTABLE I say!'

As in nonfunctional? What point was she making? That while all bombs have been found, examined, and tossed carelessly in the trash of evidence they could still go off and singe some arm hair?

It doesn't stop there though. The two woman and a man talked again about the capture of this Caesar saladbombfingers and his record of shoplifting at wal-mart. The man newscaster has the deep insight to say 'He is very UNSTABLE'

Oh god, my workday is over and I get to go home Thank God! See I don't watch TV. I do however keep elderly company and help them with daily tasks to keep them out of the nursing home, a very worthwhile job serving my community unlike these idiots who think they learned something at the same college Antifafags attend now, if you get my drift. They are just older so they feel the need to pretend to act intelligent. Point is I am forced to watch what the client watches but after pointing out all the stupidity of the event to her I doubt I'll have to watch the news on my next visit there. She'll be sure to find a game show I hate worse than news.

So while the migrants are resting comfortably and the UNSTABLE bombs built are being exposed after being distributed in different states by way of a grateful dead van by a shoplifter named Caesar might I ask what the real issue they are designing is going to be? The issue we should be looking for instead of watching this load of shit.

Alien invasion? The megaquake? Bill Gates newest invention called 'killamill' pathogen?

Must be big to come up with these bogas crises.

Dare I say.........................Worse than 911?

Remember, Caesar's wife could be out there, like Hillary to Bill, the brains to the operation. This situation could be 'UNSTABLE' still.

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