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Is History False?

I came across some pictures of African American woman sitting on the steps of a college, of all places, and very well dressed. I suspect they are wealthy.

Another group of white and black women in a portrait at the same college. All are well dressed so one must wonder if slavery was not abolished and blacks unbridled long before 1890? I wrote in another blog how the average American did not own slaves because we were equally deprived of wealth and that only very wealthy families had slaves or what we call today as a butler and a maid. There were and still are plenty of those around whether they are Mexican, blacks, or whites. Forgive my tone and unprofessionalism in this blog but I must say that 'I don't owe blacks a fucking thing!' I also wrote about a 'slave' girl whose chief in her village sold her and she landed in a wonderful home, given a bedroom of her own in the home, dressed accordingly, attended church with the family and to top it off was handed a great education that aided her in becoming America's first black Poet! These pictures back up how it really went down. I don't think everyone was a slave. I think some had it pretty darn good.


There is an amount of violence and racial clashing throughout lower economical sectors of society and always will be, but I think much of the standard 'slave' and 'prejudice' images we see in our minds when hearing those words have been literally drawn up much more dramatically by the wealthy and powerful such as Judges or those who are lent power like policemen.

The average person of the past and currently just want to get by another day like every culture in the world. I have an idea for all to practice. All being 'we the people'. Let us stop listening and just treat each other right with little regard to those things we hear from people we don't know and will never meet simply because it was said. What would they do if we simply stopped reacting? Perhaps it would show them that we can attain peace with no help from them. We can also live our lives without them and we can make our own assumptions based on our experiences, not others that may be lying, to begin with.


I will leave you with this below. I was under the impression that back during the war days be it the revolution war or other tribulations the black men were giving a choice and treated with disregard when it came to enlisting. They were told 'go to war as a soldier and if you live you gain your freedom in the end'. That was the only reward. So why would they honor any battlefield actions with medals if they were disliked and beneath everyone else while only fighting to earn their freedom?

But they were and with a portrait as well to document the occasion. Well-groomed and proud.

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