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It's like they want it. Ebola, measles and virus x

If you tell enough people, they'll start to believe it. Zika will kill everyone (let's spray chemicals on you for safety), Measles spreading and will kill everyone (Vaccine % go up yet?), Ebola spreading and could return again killing everyone (are they afraid yet?), worse flu season ever and could kill everyone (% of vaccines go up on that yet?) and now.........

x bird flu mutation killing everyone in china and could be the next pandemic coming to a neighborhood you live in. (They'll get the new untested flu shot for sure)

Let us look at the figures. How many people in China , a billion or more?

They say this:

" The H7N9 avian flu virus has infected 1,600 people and killed more than 600 in China since October 2016. " and ' The Centers for Disease Control said it has the “greatest potential to cause a pandemic” of all human viruses. '

Really? About 800 a year out of one billion caught it and 300 died. Those who die from the flu usually have another health issue that gets complicated by the flu. Either way it is not looking like it is even noticeable. If it is from poultry then ask what are the conditions of these chicken farms? Why are they trying to scare us as if they want it. CDC loves drama. Case in point the Ebola scare and the elaborate scheme pretending it was spreading here in the USA when it wasn't. Are they just board or do that have to be a part of everything?

I see two reasons for this and the first the most obvious, vaccine.

The second just a guess or theory that whatever they are poisoning us with through chemtrails has a ignition they will turn on and then a pandemic will be blamed for whatever they caused.

It's probable another vaccine though.

Remember the swine flu? Obama goes to mexico and comes back only to announce the swine flu coming from mexico to kill everyone (I think one boy died who was only visiting the US from mexico) and I wondered 'Obama was just there , why didn't he get it?' That's when I decided it was propaganda and while school kids and clinics all had people lining up for that flu shot my kids & I declined to participate in that special event. WE LIVED!

Now that vaccine is just in with kids other vaccines so they get that swine flu waste product like it or not every year along with the yearly flu shot you think they need. After all the flu could kill you so best to pump up on mercury, animal DNA , rat poisoning and formaldehyde to protect yourself. Don't believe me? Look up ingredients. If not in the flu vaccine it is in other vaccines you kill your kid with. Research it if your such a great responsible parent you claim to be by getting those shots.

How did we manage to overpopulate the world (according to the elite) over all these centuries, these thousands of years without the CDC and vaccines?

Overpopulated? Did you know if you took everyone in the United States you could fit them all in Alaska. Call that overpopulated?

Everything is a lie. WAKE UP!

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