It's official: I am dying

Each year my baby girl has a birthday, like today she turned 22. Each year she is pushing me to my grave.

Basically my kids are killing me while lingering it on and on as slow as they can make the suffering last and then they tell you they love you with an evil smirk knowing there's next year. They plan it like they enjoy it. But the baby really sticks the knife in and twists it in slowwwww. The youngest are the most frightening of them all!

And there is no way to stop them .

Sometimes they even throw a baby on your lap saying something like 'look ma, she has your eyes!' to remind you that your replacement has arrived!

Sometimes you forget what their purpose is and partake in the birthday festivities, even host them!

Kids. They are the most cunning of killers. And not one has been caught and punished because of the legal claus called 'nature'

If you are having children, even just one then you are already DYING. All I can say is......

'CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition to the family! Enjoy them while your still young enough!

Happy birthday baby girl!

Mum loves you more, infinity, square!!!!

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