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Jayme Closs- Will keep adding to it

Keep checking back. There is so much to go through. I'm not allowed to comment on you-tube anymore, I'm unreasonable, an idiot and more.....Heartless maybe? That's ok, I'm used to it being a realist, flat earther, truther. I never take anything at face value and why I decided to investigate this Closs case as best I could from here. Something from the start did not feel right. I considered in the beginning she may have had something to do with the event such as boyfriend, wanting to run away and things went wrong. Then she was never found. Could she have been killed? They never found a reason or connection to something that explained why they were targeted. None of it made sense so of course I hoped she was somehow alive. Then after all holidays passed she was alive. Thank God, right?

I was very interested in the 911 call . When I first found it I was under the impression I may have been wrong in the bare beginning so there was only a grateful curiosity when I hit the play button on the video. I don't think 5-10 min passed when I realized I just may have been correct with my first analysis just not in the context I thought, the boyfriend/runaway scenario. This was far worse. I began to suspect it never happened and by the end of the 30 minutes I was convinced and openly bashed the whole thing leading to being banned from commenting.

Am I right? Is it another hoax that never happened? Did I just worry and pray for a non existing person or at the least non existing kidnapping as happened to me with Sandy Hook? It really creates a hardened heart when we hear of a tragedy we emotionally invest in only to discover we were tricked and feel like a fool. Because of this happening so many times I have to find proof before I believe anything. The problem is I always find hole in the story. Like this one!

This has been aired. That's Jayme in the center indicating she had been involved with the school activities I guess. That girl looks older but that's ok, her hairs combed for once. Then I enlarged it and guess what? It is photoshopped, doctored and fake! Download it, enlarge it and you can see for yourself. I am thinking 'if she was a real life person why a need to doctor a photo of her'? Go see!

Then the 911 tape. I am going to dissect that play by play on what I found wrong with it. That is on my last blog 'The Jayme Gloss Scam' I will write 'updated' when I finish so then you'll know it is done. Here I'll continue with other stuff I found. Things I can't make sense of. Some things are from the 911 yet in later interviews they alter the story just a bit.

Let me put the events in the timeline (and numbers are curious)

Jayme Gloss age 13 (nice occult num.)

Oct 15th monday: 1:00 am received call and thereafter parents found dead, Amber Alert issued for Jayme.

Address: Barron County , Barron WI, 1268 hwy 8 Population 33,000

Parents found dead: James Gloss 56 / Denise Gloss 46

Missing for: found on Jan 10. 88 days exactly. (After the holidays of course)

Abductor arrested: Jacob Patrick Patterson 21

Address kept at: Gordon WI, 66 miles north of Barron. (there's that number 66 miles exactly). oops, another article says 65 miles from Barron. Best way to screw with you is to consistently alter small details. I mean how did they come to the conclusion it was 66 exactly? Then you won't doubt the contradictions later.

Look at that picture. Who gives a fuck about their wedding 13 plus years ago? Why are they trying to push real people here, excessive look at how happy they are? The in love couple. There was no reason for this. The wedding day has no influence on today's events. Except trying to convince you of something.

Then throughout the day they encourage people watch and tips of Jaymes appearance with someone began coming in and none pan out. (of course they won't). They check her social media sites finding nothing. FB- LINK Does this not look set up? Same pics as all over the news? Pic of her and her cousin who later opened a fundraising page. Anyone could have thrown this together. Then I chose a aunt and the entire thing is not personal at all just posters of missing persons. hit a random person and pics of Jayme and family and again nothing personal written, just a lot of poster stuff 'Bring Jayme home' nothing telling me I could be wrong. The first page I went to they even had this:

Dated Jan 7th. (she was found the 10th) and under this it says truckers were going to put info on their trucks and thanking them. If 3 days later she is found why simply edit this from 3 days prior? Why so many posts of her missing flyer that entire day above this one? Why go all the way back? None of these facebook pages add up. It reminds me of Emilie Parker's death announced on her dad's FB page a week before sandy hook even happened, asking for donations.

The abductor:

1. In an article a neighbor said this: 'Neighbor Daphne Ronning said Patterson's parents moved to the home about 15 years ago and that Jake and his brother were raised there and attended high school at Northwood School in Minong.' (Minong is a town, nearest town in fact.) The neighbor knew enough about them and even interacted with them. She knew the parents moved out leaving the kids there, Jake & his brother. Knew what school they attended. But did not know anyone was living there now! convenient. When the superintendent was question about him she indicates he was a quiet good kid on a quiz team who challenges surrounding school, a brainiac club. (Basically he is a highly intelligent person who can plan a kidnapping out and pull it off). However, when people in Gordon were asked if they knew him even people interviewed at the local bar stated they did not and asked people around town but could find no one that heard of him. How is that if he grew there? Minong is only 13 minutes away and no one from Minong associated with people from Gordon? Highly unlikely. Noone from Gordon except Jake and his brother attended Minong? Did the media think to question Minong community?

Funny how they have a secluded house outside of a town so small it doesn't even have a police station. Convenient.

2 coming

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