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Justina Beiber

The voice really gives it away but her sagging tits, same level fingers, feminine face...hormones only recently took shape. This means Selena is a lesbian. ewww. Oh heck, we had a man posing as first lady...look at all the lies. I think I will make a list later. The reason for baggy pants, no dick bulge. While posing for undies they can make a bulge as you know.

Oh dear! She can not hide the hourglass. I noticed that there are no bare bellies until she worked out and was toned buff. I mean the impression I got was that she overdid it working out. People must have been questioning her gender. (Yes Gender does matter and there are only two). I miswrote something here. She has a very thin long neck. Ever wonder why every entertainer has roman numbers tattooed on them? Tagged by the reptilians? What are those?

To think that this freak can give birth! ewwww. I see a female. Look at Chaz. You would never think he was a she at birth if you did not know the story. Justina is a lesbian.

Here is Chastity/Chazz Bono

You wouldn't know. Such a beautiful girl. Who molested her? Something must have happened. She's way to pretty.

Don't believe Michelle Obama is a tranny? Maybe you'll believe Joan Rivers. This was why she was killed two weeks later.

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