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Las Vegas Harvest Festival - 1

Why would they need propaganda to show the intensity of the Las Vagas Harvest Festival? If it were real. I bet you think that's crazy. Why ruin people's good time? People who spent outrageous amounts of money, traveling from afar, only to scare the hell out of all (2500 plus) these people? Could be for fun, or a distraction, or our Guns. Maybe all those reasons. You have to smile when you realize where our tax dollars go. We will never know the 'why' of it., but rest assured that is exactly what they did. Let's look at one picture to start the tale. If you can explain this picture, more power to ya!

A crises will always appear more authentic when there are unsuspecting crowds involved directly. They will later share their experience with others, telling them how frightening it was, how real it was. Who could doubt them? Everyone will know someone who knew someone who died or were injured during the event. Ask yourself if you knew anyone yourself? Or was it a friend of a friend? I already know the answer you will say.

Here is one picture that was in the media. The media always uses a select few pictures and persons to exploit and convince. Let's look at this one closely.

What do you see? Do you see real cops with real civilians in the midst of being shot at or close to it? On the left a man looks up at the hotel, assumed to be where the shooter is high above them, giving the shooter the advantage. He has his phone in hand, gazing up unafraid. The furthest on the right has his back to the shooter while talking on the phone. He is vulnerable, preoccupied, and again unafraid. These two fearless men are in the midst of cops anyway, right? The cops would save them. The same cops crouching down, hiding, and all facing different directions. One who lies completely on the filthy ground is in serious mode and pointing a gun at what could be someone's ankles. How will he reach the bad guy in this position? Another looks straight ahead, and again the question is "how will he reach the perp up in the Hotel?" If he can't, then why be there as if he will?

There is a black man practically on his knees, and on his phone while facing the opposite direction. When you enlarge this picture and take a good look at his feet, you will notice some inconsistencies. Then there is the last cop, who faces the wrong direction. How can these guys protect anyone? Then take a close up view of this cop with baggy slacks, and you will see that the picture has been photo shopped. There are three legs if you look. These are the 15 minutes of a crisis actor's dream.

If this picture is set up to show how intense the festival was, then it's all a lie.

Now, have I caught your attention?

Wake up.

More to come....

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