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LeBron James is a Racist Idiot. (Update)

Recent news about Labron being Racist again. Watch it start up!


Mirror, mirror on the wall? If he ever looked in one he would see he is not a community leader. A community leader doesn't make excuses for his heritage's ambitions. They encourage them!

How on earth is being a doctor, lawyer, writer, senator, president and every other job like being back in slavery? You have only gone forward and so have whites beside you for a long while. Now we accomplish equality and you start crying about a past that is dead and gone. There is more interracial partnerships and children than ever before and rising. Most families now have interracial marriages and children in the family line. That is not because of any slavery or abuse but it is from love between blacks and whites.

If Le Bron had any ambition or intelligence he would read up on history and find your average white family couldn't own slaves. Only the elite that now hold all of us hostage had the money to own slaves. Your own village chiefs in Africa sold you moron. YOUR OWN PEOPLE STARTED IT and one of the first SLAVE OWNERS WAS BLACK. But we don't like mirrors do we Le Bron?

So if your a leader why don't you lead your black community towards success through encouragement and reminding them of the successes and how there are no longer any excuses. That racism is now 'just an excuse' for failure. Blame yourselves if your not happy, working and enjoying what everyone else is. In this year of 2018 no one is thinking slavery but blacks and a handful of dumb whites without meaning in their life.

Many blacks are scratching their heads over the statements of people like you Le Bron. I know because the blacks I WORK FOR (Does this make me a slave?) have told me this. They say there is no excuse for Black crimes of the youth today, there is no racism and the blacks today don't try to accomplish anything.

But we know that racist people like this black La Bron never considers looking in that mirror. The successful, wealthy , idolized, leader La Bron. A success story talking about feeling like he is moving backwards to slavery. If your success and riches is slavery....I'll gladly become a slave!

Oh look at this! My son teaching my grandson (his nephew) about eclipses!

La Bron, YOU have nothing to say. Will your own people have the intelligence to see what a big fat walking hypocrite you are?

Martin Luther King would be appalled at you, Obama and the resurrection of racism and hate blacks are spilling back out and this time blacks are to blame. Two wrongs do not make anything right!

That boy will not be brought up believing people like you.

You are trying to make that boy choose a side when he loves both sides and that is the biggest sin you are committing today.

Good luck explaining why to God!

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