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Let's talk about those crazy people. Ok sheeple?

The Democrats are at it again. Shootings here, shootings there, a shooting around here! They don't happen to us! But they could! Every year only certain shootings are exploited. Except during the Trump administration. They seem to have diminished rapidly, and when Biden took over illegally, they once again became a constant news story. Thousands happen everyday, yet only certain ones we know the hero, many victims, and the how, when, where, life stories. Then the declaring gun control. The declaring how crazy anyone and everyone is. They all have something in common. Mentle illness and most have an obsession with guns. Big and powerful guns, as if they purchased them at the local store, and a lot of them. They are young collectors who have more than everyone else who owns guns. We may think a seventeen year old living in a middle class neighborhood has access to inner city gang members to gather so many cool guns. If that's farfetched, then there is always a gun obsessed parent to offer access for the young criminal. Even divorced moms have a good collection to gather up, and shoot little kids with. Now we can no longer trust parents to keep them locked up and out of their deranged kid's hands. Did you notice the lack of female shooters? Why in this day of equal everything, are the girls not competing?

It will take a few blog posts to cover everything . the stupidity of those who have been conditioned to believe everything the keepers of people tell them. The government is not your friend! They lie, steal and control with a smile while you teach your children that lieing, stealing and manipulation is bad. Then you tell the kids to trust the government by doing what they tell you without question or resistance. You tell them this by example.

I want to first make a list of shootings and other manufactured events with the dates of them. Then I will find the common denominator in each one, as well as the reason for the events as claimed by the perpetrator. Let us see how far down the rabbit hole we can go. I think now, the issue will take more than just a few blogs.

You should take your medications when you read these because I don't want anyone to have a panic attack and shoot someone! Don't deny because you realize how gullible and stupid you have been. I was once equally as gullible and stupid too!

I have to go to work now while hoping no one will kill me and my coworkers when I get there.

Come back occasionally to read the many chapters. You can read and weep or laugh. It's all entertainment in the end, because you can't do anything about it anyway.

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