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Mandatory vaccines. Always look at numbers

NYC is enforcing babies to preschool children to have the flu shot. That infringes on our rights as a parent. Who the fuck are they? Oh let's look at their logic, shall we?

They say 12,000 + die in USA every year from flu? I highly doubt it unless they are including those with lung issues, AIDS, and other serious ailments of which any little push could send them into the next world. But they blame the flu solely as if that is the only cause of death.

In NYC there are 8 MILLION people. Lot of people. How many deaths in NYC out of 8 MILLION? ONLY 5.

How do they see this as an alarm and why?

Well let us hear it straight from one ass's mouth. The biggest promoter of vaccines who is even more frightening than Al Gore and his failed climate control.

hmmm 'If we do a good job on healthcare (really? expect shitty and false healing numbnuts) and vaccines (below) and Reproductive services (planned parenthood and sterilization). What's he want to get down to zero?


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