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Mandela Effect: Does anyone stay dead anymore?-Updated Again

I'm going to list the names of the people I SWEAR died already. (Any of you that can think of more or are on my list just leave a comment below. But, you have to become a member to do so).

My list, and I'll add as I think of more.

1 Aretha Franklin (Just died, again)

2 Dick Van Dyke (still here)

3 Carol Burnett (still acting at 90?)

4 Billy Graham (He died after I read he died. Weird)

5 Doris Day (still kicking)

6 Kirk Douglas (I know I read about that) (died Feb 5, 2020)

7 Betty White (Felt bad because I thought she was cute a lady. Still alive) (Died for real Dec 31, 2021)

8 Sidney Poitier (Alive)

9 Barbara Eden (Still alive at 90) I swear she died to.

10. Olivia De Havilland

11. Shirley Jones (84)

Something is, very wrong with this picture! People don't just come back to life. Who comes back old?

Adding is Olivia De Havilland, who is 102, apparently. Older than the Queen of England. I swear I read about her death. Does she look 102? Is she also walking around without a cane or walker like the rest of society? She's strong enough to pursue a lawsuit. Who would care at 102? Maybe these strange humanoids thrive of drama like a fountain of youth. I work with the elderly for a living, and I can not understand these stars. None walk with a cane or a walker unlike any of my hundreds of clients I care for, though Olivia lost her balance at the awards we know they can't live forever. Everyone gets old, loses muscle mass, gets wrinkles eventually, and dies. Sickle Cell? But these creepy creatures look 70 at 100, dance, act and battle as if for them only, the clock stops. This comes, of course, after their death is announced.

Olivia de Havilland

Try this. Who does this kind of work? CERN

Except it is not deep space.

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