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Mandela & Obama: like flies that won't go away

Why shouldn't Obama give a speech in Johannesburg where his father ruled? It is only fitting.

' Former U.S. presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are among those who have come to view the small, bleak concrete cell and remember the decades-long fight against the harsh system of white minority rule known as apartheid.'

Although, there was an agreement to let black africans have equal rights abolishing apartheid. There is a documentary about it and with in 15 years Johannesburg became a haven for crime, homeless and the whites that flourished , built and felt safe while walking down the street left Johannesburg because bob wire fencing and a dozen locks had to be in place or you were guaranteed to get robbed. One woman no longer replaces her car stereo because it had been stolen so many times. Police do not stop anyone running a red light because if a person waits for a red light they have an 90% chance of being carjacked. People don't walk on the streets anymore either in fear of being jumped or raped. The things you don't know.

~Further problems were caused by the exodus of thousands of skilled white South Africans from the country, who were escaping the increasing crime rates, higher taxes, and the impact of positive discrimination toward blacks in employment. This exodus resulted in a brain drain, and Mandela criticised those who left. At the same time, South Africa experienced an influx of millions of illegal migrants from poorer parts of Africa; although public opinion toward these illegal immigrants was generally unfavourable, characterising them as disease-spreading criminals who were a drain on resources, Mandela called on South Africans to embrace them as "brothers and sisters". ~ .....No brains left after whites fled the area? Blacks were given the same chance as anyone else. They chose crime instead. I guess that's the whites fault. So Mandela increases welfare. Good job Nelson!

'Obama, who said he was "deeply humbled" by the experience, returns to South Africa this month for one of his most high-profile speeches since he left office. He will deliver the Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture for an expected audience of thousands in Johannesburg on July 17. '

Humbled indeed. I would be also if I stood in the cell my father occupied for so long. A criminal. About that speech he will do....

'Obama's remarks will focus "on creating conditions for bridging divides, working across ideological lines, and resisting oppression and inequality.'

This can go two ways here. It sounds nice on the surface but on whose side? Not convinced it isn't about equality anyway since 'resisting oppression' is something blacks still say exists. It doesn't obviously since both Mandela & Obama were presidents. Let us look at what Mandela's idea of equal rights are:

This is how Mandela used his power and this is how he viewed whites:

'Over the course of his life, he began by advocating a path of non-violence, later embracing violence, and then adopting a non-violent approach to negotiation and reconciliation.' ......Flip/Flop/Flip

' When endorsing violence, he did so because he saw no alternative, and was always pragmatic about it, perceiving it as a means to get his opponent to the negotiating table '.......The very description of a bully , using violence to get his way the way he wants it.

'This willingness to use violence distinguishes Mandela from the ideology of Gandhism, with which some commentators have sought to associate him. '........One must never take anything as face value. He flip flops. This makes him an unstable leader and dangerous.

'Mandela advocated the ultimate establishment of a classless society, with Sampson describing him as being "openly opposed to capitalism, private land-ownership and the power of big money". Mandela was influenced by Marxism, and during the revolution he advocated scientific socialism. ' ....................~Except for him I am sure or the others involved with bringing forth the New World Order. If this were true these leaders would willingly sacrifice a portion of their enormous billions and solve world hunger, but they are not. They would never dream of giving up their wealth or distributing it equally. Even when Mandela supposidy gave away his money it only went to his own foundation which brings it back to his pocket. This guy is no ghandi. And doesn't this sound a lot like Barack Obama and his open 'marxism?

' evidence that Mandela had been an active member of the South African Communist Party during the late 1950s and early 1960s, something that was confirmed after his death by both the ANC and the SACP, the latter of which claimed that he was not only a member of the party, but also served on its Central Committee. His membership had been hidden by the ANC, aware that knowledge of Mandela's former SACP involvement might have been detrimental to his attempts to attract support from Western countries '............LIER! Can not believe a LIAR! Mandela claimed he was a socialist but absolutely NOT a communist. I find them two names equalling to the same thing. Oh, the things they hide!

' The 1955 Freedom Charter, which Mandela had helped create, called for the nationalisation of banks, gold mines and land, to ensure equal distribution of wealth. Despite these beliefs, Mandela initiated a programme of privatisation during his presidency in line with trends in other countries of the time '...................Another LIE! How is it people praised him? There was nothing good about this man. A snake is a snake no matter how soft the hissss.

' Privately, he lived an austere life, refusing to drink alcohol or smoke ' ..........................Maybe later in life, but he did smoke at one point. This also is misinformation.

I neglected to describe what Necklacing is in case some are unaware, so I'm updating. Necklacing is when they take an individual and place a tire around them, pour petroleum gas inside the tire rim and light it on fire. It takes up to 20 min. to die burning alive in this fashion.

NECKLACiNG: This is how barberic Mandela was (And his wife) :

'Necklacing was used by the black community to punish its members who were perceived as collaborators with the apartheid government. (Meaning a white person, any white person) These included black policemen, town councilors and others, as well as their relatives and associates. The practice was often carried out in the name of the African National Congress, although the ANC executive body condemned it. In 1986, Winnie Mandela, One wife of Nelson Mandela, stated, "With our boxes of matches, and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country", which was widely seen as an explicit endorsement of necklacing, which at the time caused the ANC to distance itself from her, although she later took on a number of official positions within the party .'

Don't think for a minute Mandela did not use this practice! What kind of 'violence' were they talking about in order to get things done. You know, when I called him a bully earlier in the blog.

Nice guy huh? And Africans are assuredly a peaceful bunch. This (Just like slavery) is what they do to one another. It is repulsive and barberic in itself but to force this upon your own people to control them is disgraceful.

Perhaps this and things like this are the reason blacks stay in America while claiming oppression and slavery. I never understood why they remained while hating everyone so much. I think I see why. In the year 2018, after a black man made it to the top, after blacks have climbed the ladder of success in the military, educational, governmental and scientific areas of professions racism and oppression do not exist, at least by most of society. But they claim this is not true. I say, if this is how they feel, try you're african native land and see how you like their idea of equal rights.

Just because a leader is given awards and opened foundations while preaching peace and harmony does not mean that is who they are. This man was evil as Hitler. There is nothing to say he is a great and good man. I am sure his son will do an equally shitty job at anything he takes on, save for lies he tells, as he did during his presidency.

Both Obama & Mandela are exactly alike and both are for the NWO.

Like Father, Like son

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