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McCain carries hate to the grave

I wondered how Senator John McCain had brain surgery then hopped over to vote, or something on the Health bill repeal only two weeks later. He was back to work when I should think he would be told to rest. Brain surgery! I could be wrong but I wouldn't care about any bills passed at that moment. Quite dedicated indeed. Living up to a politician's reputation this is what he does: ' After John McCain’s dramatic return, the Senate narrowly votes to begin work on the repeal of Obamacare — then votes down a plan to do exactly that.' I think he should go recover.

But less than a year later he comes to terms and admits his impending death is coming. So assured of this he begins making his own funeral arrangements. Weird concept. Apparently there is a guest list when it comes to funerals of the elite and John has requested Donald Trump does not attend but that Pence may come in his place. I mean can you imagine having so much hate for someone you literally ban them from paying respects to you for having lived. The war between politicians is just a day at work and after all the insults and twisted interpretation of what Trump says that HE has to continuously deal with McCain is literally holding onto one statement Trump said. 'He is only a war hero because he was captured' and although sensitive and maybe true I question exactly how his capture and release really went down considering someone like McCain came from big money and raised with the elite, I can not see him being abused. I look at it like Prince William going to war and being captured. It wouldn't happen. But it makes for a good story when their arrainged day to pretend we are close to becoming president arrives.

So McCain is a total control freak. Is he arranging how the procession will go? Will he write the speeches he wants spoken by his family ? Will he ask they dine and what music to play? Will he decide on personal invitations mailed out so everyone knows their place in his heart?

I have people I won't talk to and who have hurt my feelings on sensitive issues but after I'm dead if they feel the need to pay a respect in spite of the differences we could not resolve in this lifetime, it is for them after all, not me. During the duration of the funeral I think it is fair to say 'our differences are no longer worthy of a fight' lay the hate with the carcass until the next life. I think it may be one last poke at Trump and one last push to make him appear a cold hearted villain who should not be president even if he has done nothing wrong yet unlike all the previous fuckers Mccain most likely supported.

Well Mr McCain, I think you're the one looking pretty petty, cold and self absorbed right now. Enjoy your Karma while dragging all that negative resentment with you to the other side. I mean, McCain doesn't have to suddenly like him or even forgive him but who cares who attends. The beef isn't between his daughter and Trump, it is political. So the family can just be cordial while he is there. Maybe McCain is afraid Trump will get all the attention? Sounds like Jealousy, ego, control, etc. Sleep well McCain, it sounds like you won't be while worrying about the insignificunt foes still living life without you. Yes, the world will go on as you become a distant memory read in some history book. unless they rewrite them as we know they have done all along. In that case, you'll be forgotten by the majority and only have relatives and a friend or two reminiscing. Just like the common everyday person you think so little of. Funny how things go round in the end.

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