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And Now They Say....Megaquake and Flat Earth

Cal moving east, moving west......The us moved 6 inches after the Japan quake, 11 inches after the Haiti quake. If the earth is a ball spinning so fast with something called gravity keeping billions of ton of ocean water on this earth in a circle and Australia always at the bottom upside down (how is australia always at the bottom if we are spinning ?) yet the earth is moving inches with each quake. I wonder how many inches we moved after Mexico? How do we move left to right or move at all on a ball that is locked down by gravity while spinning? Whole thing sounds funky to me.

Now while Cal is moving west bit by bit everyday (called the shift that happens every few thousand years like what happened 'in the days of Noah') they say the megaquake will be bigger than they thought, up to a 9.0. Well that's the size they have been saying all along. Science is so contradictory. It is likely what I said a 10.0 or higher.

Then they say this happens every 500 years. The megaquake. When I lived in California and experienced the San Francisco bay quake (Though the epicenter was in my town 200 miles away) and the Landers quake in Joshua Tree, they were saying 30 yrs until the big one. Recently they admitted it could take place as soon as two years. That sounded accurate. Now they are saying in the next 200 years. Give me a break!

I think all the signs are there. Volcanoes that were dormant are waking up, land is moving noticeably, land is sinking, sinkholes and huge cracks in New Mexico and Africa opening in the ground, earthquakes consistent due to the Madrid faultline waking up. New faultlines being discovered after a larger quake happens.....I think it's coming and not 200 years from now! Are scientists pushing it out further by hundreds of years to keep us feeling safe knowing it is happening soon. Knowing the crises and panic it will create if they say ''start preparing' knowing there is nothing they can do to save anyone?

Do you believe what scientist say? Or dare I say 'Theorise'

If everything they say is a theory (their words), then how can they say the world is a ball spinning without proof and be believed. Does this not make NASA the true 'conspiracy theorist'? They are the conspirators and they are just theorising.

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