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More on ADD and other fantasies

'Growing up with ADD?' I never did. No one I knew ever did. Just this generation or the one that came directly after me. So if we survived, then where did this new disease come from? They say if you tell someone enough times they believe it...if you tell enough people, they believe it and for some reason these nut basket parents today believe it. They believe it because a doctor said so and their friends backed it up. If a doctor or study say it is abnormal, then it must be so. No need using my intelligence, that's what everyone else is for! It is easier being a mom when you don't have to put energy into it, right?

Let us look at this list. Forget the 'if you looked at it like a gift' bullshit, just the symptoms some asshole created because they have a degree to do so. If they have a masters, they know everything about everyone!

Remember we are talking about kids. people new to the world with more curiosity and energy than you.

1) Impulsive: Really? What child is patient, calm and thinking about pro's and con's before deciding or acting on something. The ones whose lil sisters touched their doll and starts screaming 'MOOOOOOOM' right away without thought or consideration or an ounce of 'no need to scream, I'll explain it to you' behavior is not impulsive, they are spoiled rotten and a hearty smack on that behind will stop that piercing scream every time something goes array. 'Time to go' to a child means 'RACE YA TO THE CAR' nothing impulsive there. Kids learn only what they are taught. Maybe drama mama should watch her reactions to things.

2) Hyperactive: More energy than you and time out helps slow things into perspective. So Johnny has time out more than Jimmy. They are two different people and have two different personalities. Slow poke Jimmy might grow up to be lazy while hyper Johnny wins the Olympic medal. Try sports, toss them outside or take the kid for a walk or run through the park. Get him a bike. Anything but in the house! Doctors and your parent friends don't tell you this but if Johnny is outside running, jumping, riding, catching an amazing thing happens....the go to sleep at night! They get tired! I bet if the parents put down their zoloft and went out with them those parents wouldn't need mothers little helper anymore.

Is Impulsive and hyperactive the same thing really?

3) Daydreaming: Ask that so called genius Einstein. How about the kid just sat through two hours of listening to the teacher and staring at numbers and letters and has had enough. Maybe adult bullshit isn't stimulating them or they aren't interested in what you tell them to be interested in. If little suzy Q is quick to take her things from lil sis while screaming and insists sis plays the way she wants her to and she better keep up, while when at school she's thinking about anything but things she doesn't like and won't acknowledge until the teacher gives up then try a spanking to slow her screaming, bossy, manipulating little ass down.

4) Distractable: Kids are new creatures who haven't seen everything yet so I would expect them to get distracted. Here is Johnny at the table doing what he did all day, schoolwork. I'm distracted just thinking about it. But he tries and says '6-C+d x half a bologna =....'OH MY GOD there's a bug on the table! ' I mean they are learning algebra in third grade right? Or maybe he was on his way to the store but he ran into a stray cat so it took longer than expected. Or maybe he is eating his supper while building a volcano and his sense of humor calls for laughing at something he saw no one else did or maybe he just hates sitting still, look, pay attention, focus! He's a kid and kids can't sit focused for long, especially when they aren't interested in whatever is put in front of them. There is always something around the corner to see and question. So ya, they wonder about jumping from one thing to another. They may grow up being able to have three conversations while reading the fine print on the contract he is about to sign worth a million dollars while choosing a restaurant to take his wife to that evening as he is titled CEO of some mega financial company. The kid may need the practice of distraction because it is likely teaching him multitasking as he grows through the years. If you give him time to grow!

5) Forgetful: What a freaking doozy this one is. I was writing grocery lists and then forgetting to look at the list the whole time I'm shopping all my adult life. I have forgotten the smallest and biggest things and I wasn't old either. Age probably has nothing to do with it. If the kid is wearing his underwear or his coat when it's cold then he's OK. If you know anything about kids then you know that 65% of the time they didn't forget, they just didn't want to and that's the easiest excuse.

6) Loses things: Getting dumb now. I've looked for the glasses that were on my head, I've searched for my cell phone while I'm talking on it. Big deal! This is just made up bullshit by someone who has failed to see and live life outside of a school book where yet someone else is telling them how to view things.

7) Acts like does not hear: First of all that isn't a sentence. What is that, coming from an expert dodo bird? Whoever wrote this does not like the silent treatment. My first roommate used to pull that shit on me, and we were eighteen! Some kids simply don't have to, so they won't. Ignore mom, and she'll go away. Clean the room really means deeper into the abyss of 'they don't exist until I want a pop tart' Try saying 'suzy Q, If I say it again and you don't answer, guess where you're going?' Still no answer? Up off her ass, shut machines down, take what does hold her interest away, and march her to her room by the arm aggressively and silently, no matter what she cry's about or promises, so she knows you are the boss, and make her stay on her bed until she starts acknowledging you. PUNISH her, don't DRUG her!

I know, parenting requires your attention, and not always pink ribbons and honor roll. Sorry, you brought them here, time to be a parent.

8) Talks too much: Really? Kids have questions, stories to tell, and want to be heard. If they are up your ass, it is because they want your attention. Listen to them, and they will leave you alone for longer periods of time. I call my daughter 'the Chihuahua' because all she does is talk, even now as an adult! She feels the need to explain every detail, or you might not get the clear picture. Maybe the kids are made that way because they need the practice for when they are employed in a field that requires speeches. How do you know? Sorry you don't find your child interesting. After all, what could really be that important coming from a child? If you listened, you might find out they are smarter than the doctors are telling you, have a sense of humor and a desire to learn immeasurable. You may find you have something in common with them. I just know there have always been people who love to talk on this earth since it began. Why are people calling these normal traits a 'disease' now? What teen in any generation doesn't spend hours on the phone talking? Do you think she just suddenly acquired this ability? For some kids, if you listen, they won't 'act like does not hear' Get it?

9) Interrupts: This is called manners, and I do not know one parent who has not complained about it. Kids, especially when it is important, interrupt. Be patient and say 'What' every time, or do what I did, and say 'Wait until I'm off the phone please." And if those sensible words don't do the trick, then give them a look they can't deny, the one that tells them how much trouble they are in when you hang up the phone. Deal with it, you are a parent and kids always interrupt! Sorry, they are not born with manners, but require teaching from you. Did you think they were robots with batteries?

10) Repeat same mistake: WTF does that mean? They have a tougher time learning something, and we know the clock is running on how long a person has to grasp things, even at 5. We could say if things were explained properly by parents the child would get it. Maybe your little guy is going to walk down the rocky path, because it takes him longer to learn, understand, slow down, or whatever it is causing you, not him, the stress. Think a pill teaches them what they need to know? Give them a blue pill for knowledge. He shall know all, the first time he errors! The pill has spoken! How many adults still do the same stupid shit?

11) Hates homework: Really? Who doesn't? You seriously believe these? The green pill makes you love homework!

12) Distorted reality testing: I need more than this. If the word testing was not there, start looking up'schizophrenic' but testing? What does that mean? How do we test reality? This just doesn't fit. He doesn't need a pill, he needs to get off the video games, and you should stop encouraging them to watch anything on the tv they want just because he is, at least, out of your way.

13) Obsessed: Obsessed Suzi Q can't sleep over her friends or has to leave the park early and can't handle it? Smack Johnny first, then she'll shut the hell up. Obsessed with bathing or wrinkles on the newly made bed? That is called turrets (can't spell that, think I need a pill, it is really bothering me) and if a pill could cure it, it would be done.

and more...

and more... Ignores others (do you want Johnny kidnapped because he's eager to sit on a stranger's lap?). Bizarre sense of humor (Some have no sense of humor, but if he pushes another kid off a cliff as a joke, I'd say he is a rare breed, and no one should classify all kids with this future Bundy adult). Selfish, Greedy, pushy (Just spoiled hateful kids and no pill is going to fix that). No self awareness: At 7 they should already know who they are, what their life goal is? I don't get it? What if their parents neglect them emotionally? Give the fucking parents the pill!

And last on the list is Lack of insight and focuses on the irrelevant; Christ, the need to observe, articulate, and understand everything! Some kids are stupid and take longer to figure things out. No pill will expand their intelligence and produce the Ghandi effect. And who says what is insignificant? A child has more passion than any adult I know, and if they have a nagging mother or critical father, I guess obsessing over the fork on the right of the plate, or else it's the end of the world, would be for a reason. Could be he is a perfectionist that is needed for that important career as a surgeon!

So, what they are saying is that pills will change everything about this individual human being, because some insignificant decides what is an acceptable personality.

Parents agree, so they don't have to parent.

And when they up the doses because it's been a few years and they are still acting like kids, they have now learned that in order to live life the right way, a person must take drugs! Thanks Mom and Dad.

All the hard work you didn't invest in child-rearing your child you will soon be the proud parents of career criminals looking out for number one....themselves. The pills have done their job taking away any real loving emotion, caring and sense of belonging, acceptance and purpose. Before you ask the question, when the time arrives, 'where did I go wrong?' It won't be hard to figure out.

Spankings replaced with mind altering pills for a human brain still forming.

So far, I don't see a problem with anyone but the psychologist, doctors, parents and teachers...........

The kids seem to be acting like kids.

Here are more examples of this lunacy...

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