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Nasa's Huba Huba Bull baaaa

Yes, Baaaa like a sheep. Bull as in bullshit. The big deception has to be Nasa coming out of the closet and admitting there is nowhere to run when everything really fails here where we live. Read this News so you can follow me.

So while we lost the blueprints that showed us what we needed to get the moon (Baaaaa if you believe that), they do have the technology to see far away universes and know exactly what is happening thanks to their very expensive techno-Baaaaa.

I've never heard of 'The early universe' but I guess my grandkids will in science class and some crazy tales of how these new astronauts make it all the way to God's throne in a boat in space with all the advanced techno they'll have then. It just keeps getting stranger and stranger. I know there were no astronauts this time, that just makes the irony even crazier, but only because they need a good day for filming. Something embarrassing like that. They are using the Hubble space telescope ( I don't think it's Lucifer the Pope owns, Lucifer the telescope doesn't seek out new universes. In fact, the dude that it was named after only wants this planet, not some other in another universe. What fun would that be? let's not make this any more complicated than it is) and ALMA to discover not one but six early universes and they are dead while being 6 billion light-years away. You're thinking if they said it then it's truth like the misinterpreted Gospel. We know they are smarter than us with those letters after all their names, right? They must be pretty smart to pull this outer space thing, hit by a meteor that wiped out the dinos but not us back in the day. People fell for those scriptwriters hard. But who doesn't like sci-fi's anyway?

Billions of light-years (Nasa is so.....genius to come up with all that complicated proof like lightyears and Alma and Hubba Baa baaaaa.)Then there's the whole big bang they admitted they can't prove actually happened. Funny how people don't pay attention to what the scientist really tell us! Kinda like gravity you don't feel. "oops, look guys I dropped my apple and it fell to the floor, wow!" and someone asked "Hey what do you call that exactly...' hysterically laughing while trying to make fun of the scrawny rich mommy's boy, Issac Newton. "GRAVITY, that's what" he yells out and all went silent. An Idea of Deception began to form and continues to this day.

That is the dumbest explanation of how Gravity was discovered. Boy, are they smart up there in Nasaland! The way they discover things is just mindboggling! Well, they need something to convince us Aliens are bad for us, and killing entire universes off should be convincing enough. They are always multi-agended. They get funding for another year in that multi-section of space exploration and start the fear-mongering when it has been approved to tell us Aliens are attacking some other country. In the meantime, they can continue to do what they really do at Nasa. Cryogenics, human experiments, like a new type of cloning, build robots, inventing the next killer plague, and everyone's favorite, weapons. The big nuclear kind of weapons that blows everyone in this pathetic world up, ultimately sending our remnants to those dead universes while only meaning to wipe one tiny useless and defenseless country off the map. It will probably just be an island they thought was a country. I put nothing past a group that believes the apple story and is proud of it!

If I insulted your belief system in some way over this article, no worries, you deserved it.

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