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Nobody lives past 120

So this woman claims to be 129 years old. I'm sure my next statement some of you will leave the site but since ALL of what is happening in the world is in fact verifiable in a book written long ago before any of the bullshit we see today ever came about I will stick to the book. That Holy book no one seems to care for anymore, thanks to the idiots that interpret it falsely scaring the hell out of everyone, the Holy Bible. In this book it clearly states God gave us 120 years to live and not one day longer. According to either this woman or whomever decided to find her in some poor village for an interview, however the reporter caught wind of a single old poverty stricken woman in a far off country who suddenly matters God is a lier and the book is one big lie. Who made that call to this reporter may I ask? How did they catch wind of her? How did they find her passport and why is she the only one alive or the oldest person ever to survive stalin? I don't believe a word of it and I'll tell you why.

My grandmother was born in 1921. She once told me she was never issued a birth certificate when she was born. She said they were not just issued to everyone because most people back then were born on their kitchen table (figure of speech) and did not have the means to just travel to the nearest city to 'register' the children born. In fact my great grandmother, Marguarite Henderson, was stuck on their farm for a month while thinking Pappy ran off with another woman. Stuck with nine kids at her feet. Then one day Pappy came walking down the long road leading to the farmhouse like nothing happened announcing he had been in jail for bootlegging. I should think somebody would have ran out to that farm to inform Marguarite of what had happened but they did not. Pappy walked home. No ride, no truck to drive. They were tough people unlike today's confused sissies.

When the final and ninth child my great grandparents brought into the world she was born at the farmhouse premature. My Pappy got a box just big enough to put the baby in and placed her nearly on the woodstove for warmth, basically creating a homemade incubator. That little unregistered homebirth grew to be an old woman with no help from a hospital. No documentation necessary to prove she was alive until later years with information coming only from her parents memory. Anyone can create a document and alter a document, just ask Obama.

This 129 year old however lived in a time of Stalin and maybe they needed to alter the birthdate for some protection. But notice it was a passport and not an official birth certificate. Maybe they selected laborers under forty or maybe to back up some story in order to get that visa she had to claim to be over forty or maybe she was posing as a sibling to acquire that visa. We don't know what the circumstances were but we know she is not a day past 120. We also know by her miserable attitude about life she has no faith.

I'm certain this stalin-hitler and other horrible events will happen again, probably in America this time, but I am not afraid to go in the beginning of it all because I have faith and no desire to survive the horrors being left with memories of death and torture but I am afraid to leave my family members without protection even if I am of no protection to them. Some mother instinct shining through there.

I call fubar on this article.

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