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Odd resemblance between Mandela & Obama

I came across a picture I took for Obama in a quick min that was long enough to get me thinking. So I looked over pics of the two men, the more I looked the more I wondered. Do you see a resemblance?

The face and expressions are very similar. I know Mandela did not like white people and neither do the Obama's but what if Mandela did one time. Maybe bred for the very purpose of grooming him for a biracial leadership? They ARE part of the puppet masters in the ladder of masons, Mandela's family was considered royalty in S Africa.

The face, the smile, the hairline even. Obama wouldn't look identical because Obama has his white mothers genes. So let's compare his other so called possible fathers.

This is who they claim is his natural father (Fathers). I see absolutely no resemblance in either .

Did you know Mandela was the first black president in South Africa ever? Shows their ethics, how do you go from prisoner to president? well according to some he never did! He died sometime in the 80's , but the official death is documented as July 23, 1991 about 17 months after he was released from prison serving his 27 year sentence. However, he supposedly became president and according to this time era he died on Dec 5, 2013. This create the phenomenon called 'The Mandela Effect' because many many people remember his funeral many years prior.

I considered that if Mandela served time then depending on when he was incarcerated it may have been impossible for him to have secretly (probably in some Satanic ritual ) fucked a white woman (who he clearly despised because of color) , or artificially inseminated using Mandela's sperm to create Obama. Maybe Mandela was attracted to white woman keeping that fetish top secret like the elites love of kiddies. These things are usually designed by the powers that be though, to groom for some agenda.

His incarceration began in August 1962. A year after Obama's birth on Aug 5, 1961. So Mandela was free at the time of Barry's conception. Still remains plausible!

Common Denominator: Obama was the first black president in USA ever! Mandela and Obama both received the Noble Peace Prize for doing nothing and nothing good. Both made it clear they disliked whites while pretending to bring peace between races.

I found this picture of Mandela's firstborn son who passed away sometime after this pic.

A younger Mandela (A young adult)

vrs a younger Obama (only a teen)


more pictures

Both democrats

Both smoke ciggs

Both are deceptive and dangerous.

I just wonder if Mandela was queer?

So, what do you think? Does Obama look more like Mandela? Is the resemblance of expressions enough to take pause? looks similar to me.

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