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Our Sanity has slipped

This is what 'they' are teaching children. Trannies/sluts/spoild/superficial identity

Yes, parents are praising this little girl. I do not see any talent or cuteness in this kid. She can't even keep rhythm. Whose idea was this and if it is the childs idea where did she get it from? A place or show she shouldn't be watching. She only looks like a pediphles dream. 'Hey mom, you thought about what men may be drawn to her?'

The mother should lose her rights.

We want kids off drugs, so we give them adderall throughout their childhood?

We don't want teen pregnancies, so we put them on stage like a slut in a bar?

We don't want them confused about who they are, so we encourage dressing like the opposite sex?

We don't want them to be unfit and unhealthy, so we bring them to Mcdonalds and buy them junk food?

Anyone else see this? Maybe I can find more future superficial narcissist the families are actually deliberately raising.

Can we applaud the winner of the worst mom of a tierra tot..................

Can she spread her legs enough? With the shortest shorts and then turn tough? Sexy and tough at age 9=bully later.

moms, what the fuck are you teaching them? They win money right? They can show talent without this stuff.

The by far the most deceiving is......................Justina Bieber.......

I know, I know you all still think this freak is a guy.....

I'm going to do blog just for her soon.

'SHE HIT THE FLOOR....' they are telling us he is a she. In your Face!

I can't look at this sin anymore!

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