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Parkland Shooting

It is amazing when you look. The problem is no one looks.

Read This Read the article so you know what I'm talking about. A 15 year old kid is a hero in the Parkland theatrical shooting. There is always a hero too! This kid got shot 5 times in the leg and back. I'm sure people survive, but it gives us no details on whether he will walk again, lose a leg or how many went where. And then a fellow classmate says this about him. 'Carlos Rodriguez, Borges’s friend and fellow classmate, said the 15-year-old “took the initiative just to save his other classmates.” Not our friends, or our classmates, but his classmates.

Do you see the problem with this kids statement? I have never known a 15 or 16 year old to use words like 'took the initiative...', an unusual word 'initiative' for a 15 year old, unless the media changed the wording. Then of course there is this statement from the injured boy's dad.

Borges’s father, Royer Borges, told ABC News that his son called and told him he had been shot in the leg and back.

His son? The hero who was shot in the back and leg 5 times called from the hospital? Would he have been able to make that call? Was he in pain? Would a doctor or nurse even have time to allow him that call while working on him? Look at him, who they say is him lying on his back in the hospital. Does he look like he would have been in shape to make a phone call? NO! The story is a crock, and therefore I must question the entire event.

Then these descriptions the media puts in the paper about the killer's court hearing...

One girl had her head blown open, while another had the front of her right shoulder blade missing. Another was missing most of a forearm and bicep from three wounds. Photos of bodies inside classrooms included one boy bent backward over his seat, his body almost forming a U-shape. Blood pooled beneath him. (reminds us of the Jeffrey Dahmer horror).

If people walked out of the courtroom (as expected), why would a reporter put these descriptions out for the public to read? We don't need the graphics. But when the reporting must convey how horrible the act was and convince the public it was a real event, it must be told as dramatic as possible. We are also to believe the criminal, Cruz, just fled the scene, leaving a gun and vest on the third floor. Then he goes to both a sandwich shop and McDonalds. Time to spare. There were enough heroes dead and alive trying to stop him. We would think he wouldn't have been able to stroll around looking for a sandwich.

story here It just seems like there were more than a few classrooms and plenty of teachers to grab him on his way out. He didn't kill everyone. And he was leaving guns around, indicating he was out of bullets. Other than the direction the kids would be removed from the building, I should think the school would be locked up so he couldn't escape, or he could start shooting people on the street or slip out for more hidden guns and return to start again. Luckily, he was just hungry.

It was that same day they began calling for gun control, and from a crying hysterical farther, having a now dead teen he will never see again, advocating it in front of cameras. That same day! Should he be consoling, in disbelief and shock, his family members? Most parents would be inconsolable, not flashing themselves on national TV. A crisis actor's big debut. The bastards 15 minutes of fame. I remember thinking "Doesn't one teacher have a gun?" If the teachers had guns, this never would have gone as far as it did. This is a great example for needing guns in the hands of people. So when a nutcase who seems to have access to many big guns, who has been on Ritalin all his childhood, while told he shouldn't do drugs when he grows older, snaps from all the hypocrisy of society's rules, people can deal with them while police try to figure out what the hell is going on. That's how you save lives and scare criminals.

So far, we have a spontaneous act due to mental illness, an obsession with guns (even had a bullet proof vest). The hero factor, same day advocating gun control, and I'm positive they had a vigil the same or next night. A built shrine in honor of the victims out front of the school somewhere, and a weeping community flooding the shrine with tears, but pictures of them kneeling down, reaching out to a picture or teddy bear, and only of those they already interviewed, or you have seen during the event. Always limited pictures of the same handful of people. I always found that odd. At the end of the shit show, everyone will have asked why did he do it? The answer will be short & dumb, or will be revealed in a 500 page manifesto, or no answer will be offered. People just snap. Happens everyday.

Recap this episode:

1 Mental Illness/Medications

2 Obsession and access to guns

3 The Hero Factor

4. Advocating gun control

5. Vigil

6. The Shrine


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