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Real cases under 'The Rudy Effect' Read Third

All cases happened. I will highlight the symptoms and you will clearly understand the pattern.

Publicized cases Rudy Eugene and Johnny Lewis.

1. Rudy Eugene: May 26,2012/Miami Fl/ First publicized case/age 31

Rikki Cross , his live in girlfriend said he left at 5:30 to meet a friend with his bible in hand. She says she noticed he behaved in an odd manner rummaging through closets. He kissed her goodbye saying he would be back. She believes something 'supernatural' happened to him. He would not do this. (This was 8 hours prior. Was the effect beginning mildly already?)

For unknown reasons Rudy ended up in Miami Beach where witness saw him trying to start his car which appeared to have broke down. He walked away with keys in the ignition and driver door open! (Was it unable to start or was he too incoherent to start it?) He was now experiencing disorientation and confusion. He began walking and witnesses apparently did call the police to report Rudy walking naked and hanging off light posts. Later police found bible pages strewn about the causeway (Demonic?). He then sees Poppo a 65 yr old homeless man resting and attacked. It was unprovoked. Poppo happened to be the first person he encountered at the time the violent urge took over. By now, Rudy was no longer human but a faint replica of one. Most of the rest the world watched on the media. He gained a strength that allowed him to pick up a grown man by the belt and swing him around effortlessly with one hand. His attack was so fast and viscous that he tore Poppo's pants off him. It was not a sexual intent ,they likely came off while Rudy tossed him about and Poppo tried to escape. Then he began biting his face, gnawing. The screams prompted more calls. Rudy literally gnawed 80% of his face off. His eyes and nose gone completely. Some media claims he was swallowing the flesh but most of these people just spit it out. Perhaps in the rage they swallow some but consumption is not their intent. Disabling and destroying what the primitive mind thinks is a threat seems to be the intention. This lasted 18 minutes and even when the officer finally arrived Rudy was unfazed by his presence. The officer can be seen walking casual and then changed his demeanor in an instance pulling his gun while stepping back in fear. He demanded Rudy stop prompting Rudy to look up at the officer with flesh hanging from his mouth and growled then returned to his task. (A primal warning to stay away from his pray?) The officer shot him but this only prompted more questions as Rudy showed no indication of pain or as a hindrance to Rudy forcing the officer to unload his weapon until Rudy lay dead.

No drugs other than marijuana in his system. No synthetics. This is still a mystery as to why and what the reason was.

The world owes Rudy a huge apology. Zombie is not close to what this is. Making fun and jokes about such a serious event is cruel and as evil as what took place. Rudy was alive. Rudy was a human being and something happened to him that no one can explain. This should scare the shit out of you, not give cause to laugh.

2. John Lewis: Sept 26, 2012 (Exactly 4 months to the day of Rudy Eugene's incident)/ Los Angeles CA/Age 28

John's past history has no bearing on his actions anymore than Rudy's had. It is true that John had a bike accident that appeared to make him aggressive unlike was his nature. But a person getting into fights, having a shorter temper, and argument is not the same as killing everything in sight. Since Rudy had not bumped his head that altered his personality, yet their cases are identical then it must be agreed that both men's criminal, violent, self medicated past has nothing to do with these incidences. I can also prove it with other people who were 'professionals' yet did the same thing.

Johnny had walked across his yard, over a fence to the neighbors upon seeing a husband, wife and man painting their house, to introduce himself, politely shaking their hands and explaining he just moved into 81 yr old Catherine Davis's boarding house. John had lived there previously and Catherine was comfortable with renting to John again. She did not fear him. The neighbors said he was polite and not behaving in any way that would make them question his faculties. He was coherent, understood, had good intentions and not suspected of being high on anything. By all accounts the day should have progressed like any other day. How could anyone assume terror would strike the neighbors in just 15 short minutes . The scenario is as follows: John leaves the introduction in apparent good spirits, crosses the yard back and went into the house. How many minute or what triggered the rest is anyone's guess but it wasn't long at all, because in the time of 15 minutes he attacked Catherine's cat and tore it to shreds with his bare hands. I assume Catherine heard the cat and the commotion and went to the noise to find John and her beloved pet, then letting out a scream as well as drawing John's attention and was attacked immediately. But not according to authorities! Miss Davis was beaten and strangled in her bedroom, they say. Her cat was found in the bathroom. I challenge this story. Weather it be the neighbors first, Davis second and cat third all the attacks would create noise! How ever you play this out Davis would not be in her bedroom she would be investigating what the hell was going on! This is where the story gets weirder still. They say he 'bludgeoned' her to death with a 2x4. Look at the picture of this place and ask 'why would they have a 2x4 lying around this house?' They wouldn't. They must be protecting this elite's reputation by creating a story of bludgeoned rather than staining her sophisticated life to a brutal end such as having been torn apart, flesh bitten off and the violence she endured leaving her dieing a very unsophisticated and ugly final moment. We know what rudy did to Poppo.

Hit over the head is a better way to vision her end than the alternative. Appearance is everything to wealthy aristocrats. That's my take on it. If he tore the cat apart and everything that followed indicative to 'The Rudy Effect' then he also tore the well mannered, dressed socialite Miss Davis. When you live a prim and proper life one should die a prim and proper death. There was no 2x4.

Then he leaves the house. One media report suggests he was trying to flee the home when he fell from above to the driveway where they found him...Flee? From her balcony or roof? Jump from one balcony to another, naked, to flee before police came? Why not get dressed and go out the front door? He then goes running over to the neighbors, or maybe the neighbors came first if he didn't have any sign of blood on him but that makes no sense because police would have caught him in the act killing Miss Davis or at the least saw him jump, and Miss Davis would have come outside to see what the ruckus was about. I think they are leaving out much of the neighbors interview. In any event he crosses the yard jumps the fence and attacks the painter. The husband and wife come to his aid. The painter said John did not feel the blows he gave him and remarked 'It was like hitting him with a fly swatter' The wife screamed for help so police would have been called, Davis would have come outside cutting the time for John to murder the cat, davis and take his clothes off before attempting a death jump. I think the neighbors came second place. After finally getting John 'off' the painter the trio ran inside the house and 'barricaded' themselves in while Johnny tried to get in. Barricade? That's not just locking a door, they were in fear for their lives! They put furniture or some heavy object to secure that entrance. Two men couldn't take down the likes of John's thin frame? He is not a big guy. If John just ripped a cat apart (or was about to) I have to wonder what injuries the painter received? Was he bitten? Was John naked enhancing the neighbors fear factor? They say only that he was not phased by punches and they had to run to safety. When it comes to people like celebrities and socialites they always design stories to prevent embarrassment. So how much is left out or the sequence of events is hard to tell.

The next and final act is John returning to the boarding house and at some point stripped naked (before or after the neighbors?) and ran upward! He fell from either a second story balcony or he climbed onto the roof. Police arrives after it is over, saving nobody, to find John's lifeless body, wearing only socks, on the driveway. Anything sound eerily familiar to Rudy case? Toxicology test results: No drugs at all, no synthetics, not even alcohol. Heck, even Rudy had smoked some weed. This shows us drugs are irrelevant.

Where's any balcony? So it had to be the roof but the first lower rooftop anyone can jump and make it maybe injured, but at least alive. I bet he climbed to the tippy top and lost his balance. Why the need to climb to the roof? Because that is what primates do, climb. Also I wonder if he growled? They are not telling all. What bothers me is how fast John snapped. No apparent disorientation, no confusion in the beginning.

See how small framed John was. Two men couldn't take him down? Super Strength. You can only have so many similarities before you see it isn't a coincidence.

Rest in peace John & Rudy.

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