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Podesto Pedophiles Part Two

Let's see how many tiled walls or colored shoes we can find! I believed the same artist, Podesto's favorite artist, Biljana Djurdjevic, is painting these from personal photographs of the real victims given to her by the preditors.

1. A young girl child

2. Adolescent boys

3. Our Asian child again

4. The Traffickers waiting to torture someone

5. Five small girls waiting to be abused. Red shoes, what

does that mean?

6. Young male child. You'll see the real pic of this as soon as I find it. (Found it once already)Yes, this child is/was a real tortured child.

7. All of these are real people.

8. But there are more pre-adolescent girls wearing white shoes now.

9. What do we have here? Podesto in the center with his business associates having a business conference no doubt.

See the orbs of past dead children? Now, why would all the men be wearing RED shoes? Freakish huh?

Reminds me of something along the lines of that Tarantino film 'Hostel' I'll wager that movie is based on true events.

Are you getting the picture yet? Who runs the world? Wake up peeps and keep watch as they say.

A torturer and his prey. Older woman. Age doesn't matter, obviously. Even she has red shoes.

Have you ever seen the movie 'Shuttle'?

I recommend it. The ending is very telling and that movie also must be based on true events.

Though they will never admit it I'm sure.

Yours truly. The sick fuck painting these things. Podesto's fav. Scumbag. Biljana Djurdjevic

Another witch.

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