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Pope lies, Lies, Lies

Destroy civilization?

They why did the gov't crush the invention Tesla announced for ALL to have FREE electricity without jeopardizing this farse called 'Climate Change' AKA Global Warming originally?

Why do they ignore the man and his discovery of mushrooms from the amazon that literally eats plastic?

Why are they spraying chemtrails daily around the world, blocking out the sun and poisoning the earth and rainwater and sky itself?

Why are they forcing weather changes and intensification by HAARP? (Oh that won't create a climate change!)

Why are they making this up?

If the pope and world leaders, each billionaires, are so concerned about poverty and world hunger then why don't they solve it with the money they have excess of? Yes, the Queen of England alone could feed the world. Imagine what they could all accomplish if they would get their narcissistic, sociopathic, greedy heads out of their asses.

Don't listen to them! It is for their demonic entities waiting for the right conditions to surface from below and those conditions are not the same as humans have in order for them to survive. Humans are not the only entities on or in the earth.

How dare the Pope blame human's yet claim he is worshiping the same God as us and represents Jesus Christ?

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